10 Things you may not know about Orgasms

As a teen, I thought that orgasms were like that restaurant scene in ‘When Harry Met Sally”, intense, over dramatic and with the woman flaying around the bed sheets like an attack scene from a Jaws film! I was very wrong, especially when I experienced my first big O, which caught me off guard.

There have been times when I have ‘faked it’, I mean, the look of a man’s face when he hasn’t pleasured you fully, is like a sad lost puppy, it doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy those sexual experiences but he wasn’t hitting the spot, so I gave into my actress side and endured the ‘oooooo’s’, with a bit of added arched back, thrown into the mix.

But I thought I would write a post about facts about the big O, that you may not know.

  1. Your body reacts much better to that big O target, when you tense up.  It sends blood rushing to all the right places.
  2. Orgasms release a chemical called oxytocin, which relaxes the body.  It can relief tension, headaches and even some issues like arthritis (for a short time).
  3. Those sexy and imaginative day dreams of sexual experiences and thinking about orgasms, can help relieve tension in the body.  Ladies (and gents), delve into your erotic book collection, your healing answer maybe within those pages!
  4. Condoms maybe a conversation killer to a man but to a woman, they don’t effect your experience of orgasms.   In fact, studies have shown that some men will last long in bed, when using a condom, as they do not need to worry about pulling out.
  5. If you find it hard to achieve that big ending, don’t worry, as it is pretty common with women.  Around 80% of women, find it a major struggle to orgasm during intercourse.  This doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your goal, there are other ways to orgasm, you just need to experiment.  Most women who can not achieve orgasms during intercourse, may reach the big O by clitoral stimulation.
  6. People may think that the ‘G-Spot’ stands for the Good Spot but in fact, it was named after a German Gynecologist called Ernst Gräfenberg.
  7. Studies have shown that orgasms in women, come more frequent with age.  Women in their 40’s – 50’s have achieved that big O on a more regular basis, than women in their 20’s.  There isn’t anything scientific behind this but it may add to the whole ‘coming of age’ theory.
  8. Be confident with your body; Studies have shown that women who are not confident about their bodily parts, seem to find it harder to climax.  Vaginas come in all different shapes and sizes, just like a man’s penis but they all do the same thing, so do not worry.
  9. A lot of partners do not realize how infrequent that their female partners do not orgasm.  It is believed that around 84% of men, reckon that their ladies achieved climax, that last time they had intercourse but only 64% of those women of those women, reported that they actually climaxed.  We have all ‘fake it’ at some point but talk to your partner, do not let frustrations in the bedroom, become a regular thing.
  10.   Spontaneous Orgasms are an actual thing!  Certain activities can bring on that big O, take horse riding for example………….


Great ways to enhance your orgams

Ladies, you are not alone in thinking that you are finding it hard to climax but there are many ways that you can over come this. Try clitoral stimulation, use some lubricant for added friction, maybe use a vibrator or sex toys. Talk to your partner during foreplay, it may seem off putting but if he doesn’t know what pleases you, he will become frustrated too.

Try finding out what hits your spot, by yourself. Many women masturbate and it is common, so don’t be shy. Find out what your body likes and then teach your partner this.

But overall, enjoy your intimate moments x

A Guide To The Female Orgasm – Communication