A Guide to Silicone in Sex Toys

Silicone is a material which is relatively new in the adult toy industry, but has in the recent years become more widespread. This is great news! Read on for a small material guide.

Material Safety

The reason for all the fuzz about adult toy materials is discoveries of (possibly) toxic chemicals in certain material compositions that can be a health issue. The industry is fairly unregulated and is free to use materials and mark its products how they want. As objects you often insert into your body, that also are in close contact with sensitive areas there’s reason to be cautious.

Material Information

Silicone is a synthetic material similar to rubber in the way that it flexes and stretches, it rages from completely firm to very soft and squishy. It is incredibly strong and most blends can stretch to almost double size without problem. It also lasts a lifetime, and compared to other soft materials there are really no match. It comes in many different colors, although clear and transparent are usually not one of them. This is the same material being used in many kitchen appliances, body implants and by dentists. It is both safe and versatile!

Silicone does not smell much and it is non-porous, meaning it will not absorb fluids. This in turn makes it so body fluids and bacteria can easily be washed away. Silicone is great for toys used for both anal and vaginal play, and/or shared with a partner. You should still clean it properly between different orifices and partners.


As mentioned, silicone comes in a variety of densities. It can be rock solid or soft and stretchy. The surface can range from completely glossy to matte and velvety and anything in between.

The matte finish feels more realistic and skin like whereas the glossy silicone becomes super slick once lubricated.

The softer silicone are perfect for beginners with adult toys. It has some give and flex for easy insertion comfortable use, while still maintaining an overall firmness needed for ease of use. It should be noted that silicone used in dildos are normally a bit firmer than a natural erect penis. There are exceptions to this, like Tantus’ O2 or Super Soft silicone and Vixen Creations VixSkin.

If you have had penetrative sex before, it is perfectly normal that you’d be comfortable with a toy that’s slightly smaller (at first) as the silicone is usually firmer and will feel bigger because of this. If you haven’t had penetrative sex, don’t worry. Just get something that reviewers say are fit for beginners, and do not go overboard with either size or texture. You need to get to know what your body handles first.


The easiest is to use water based lubricant with your silicone toys. Many pure silicone toys will handle silicone lubricants, but others can become tacky. Just in case, do a patch test on the base of the toy. There are too many good water based lubricants out there for this to be a problem.


To correctly clean silicone you use a mild antibacterial soap and water. Finish off with a toy cleaner if you prefer. It can be boiled, placed in the top rack of a dishwasher and sanitized with a bleach/water solution or rubbing alcohol.


Pure silicone toys can be stored together with no problem, but it would be best to keep them in a box. Silicone usually attracts lint and dust more effectively than a micro fiber cloth.


Silicone is a perfect material for beginners. And it is widely accepted as the safest material available. Also the quality stands beyond any other elastomer material.

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