We-Vibe Thrill Review

A thrill is a thrill, right? Well, not in the house of We-vibe, a Thrill as a buzzating vibrator with a difference and boy, does it hit the spot!

The We-Vibe Thrill is a G-spot AND clitoral stimulator with a difference. At first, when I laid my eyes on this product, I couldn’t see how it would work, let alone ‘get-you-off’. But how wrong was I?


The Thrill comes in a rectangular red and white box, with the we-vibe tag on the front. On both sides and the back of the product box, you are given all the details that you will need to know i.e. materials, what it does, what part is what. Once you slip the red box out from the sleeve, you are presented with a storage box that the we-vibe Thrill is encased in. With the Trill, you are supplied with a USB to toy charger and a magnet charging plug that you place on the end of the Thrill’s base (where the operating button is). You also get a white satin type storage bag and a user manual.

When you receive your Thrill, it is charged but not fully. So I would suggest that you place your new sex toy on charge for 90 minutes, before use.

You are not supplied with an actual plug to place within a socket but the USB cable will fit in most current mobile phone chargers and your PC/Laptop.

The Thrill is made from 100% medically graded silicone, making it non-porous, non-latex, phthalate free, it is also made in a carbon-neutral factory, making this product hypo-allergenic, body safe and eco-friendly. You are also supplied with a 1 year warranty with the Thrill. Unfortunately, this is not dishwasher safe and you should not boil it. But on a brighter note, it is 100% waterproof, so you can enjoy yourself in and out of the bath.

The We-vibe Thrill measures at 3.86” x 1.31” x 3.87” and has 8 different modes to it; 4 x vibrations and 4 x pulsations.

I found it easy to use the Thrill, due to the handle that is top of the toy, you can get a firm grip with this product or just pinch it between your fingers. I would suggest that you use a fair bit of water-based lubricant, to help position and use the Thrill without feeling uncomfortable. Never use a silicone based lubricant with this product, as it can have a reaction with the silicone of the Thrill.

The insertion part of the Thrill, fits perfectly inside me, the bulbous tip cuddles up to the g-spot and once you switch the power on, you will be knocking on heavens door! The smooth grey and flat part of the Thrill sits on your clitoris. I found this part a little awkward and opted not to use this part of the Thrill but that is my personal option. It may well work for others, so please do not disregard the Thrill just because of this! It really does have its moments, which all are very good in my book.

This would also be a fabulous sex toy for couples, allowing your partner to take full control of your experience, whilst you lay back and enjoy the ride.

To switch the Thrill on, press the button that you will find in the center of the charging point. To move through the different modes, select this same button again. Once you have gone through all 8 modes, the Thrill will automatically stop but don’t be disheartened, you just need to press the same button again, to get your engines revving. To switch the vibe off, hold this button down for 2-3 seconds.

To clean, the Thrill is pretty easy. Warm soapy water and wipe down, ensuring that your sex toy is clean and hygienic after and before every use. As the Thrill is waterproof, you can submerge it to clean.

The We-Vibe retails for around £95.00 GBPs. I do find this a high price for MY wallet but for what this sex toy product is (good quality materials, safe and does the job), then the price is fitting. Of course I would prefer the RRP to be cheaper but then again, wouldn’t we all? I would justify paying out £100.00 for a good quality product, that could last a life-time, over a £20.00 product that may only last a year.

To round this review up, I really would recommend the We-Vibe Thrill for any woman wanting a high quality sex toy. You can use the Thrill on your own or let your partner take control, endless happy hours with this cute red devil.