Tokyo Design Mode Review

I’ve been looking for a different kind of ‘Rabbit Vibrator’ to review, one that has obvious differences and could stand on it’s own. So when I came across a Japanese Design called the ‘Mode‘ from Tokyo Design, I knew I had to get my mitts on one.

I was surprised by the size of the Mode, it comes in a rectangle box, which looks to be half the size of your average rabbit boxes. On the front cover, there is a white drawing of the product and you are given all the product information on the back of the box. From the product being mode1water proof to what parts are what on the vibrator. There is nothing distasteful about this product packaging, in fact, it’s very much telling you every thing that you need to know!


Taking the Mode out of it’s box, it was more of a surprise to see how dainty looking it is, my first thought was “could this really hit my spot?”, only one way to find out. This vibrator sex toy really had me guessing, I was extremely keen to give it a full test run and that is exactly what I did!

It is made out of 100% body safe silicone that makes up the shaft area. The handle is made from ABS and feels like it has a smooth silicone coating to it. This product is body safe, non porous, latex and phthalate free, water proof and hypoallergenic, can’t ask for much more than that, in a product.

The handle has 2 operational buttons on it’s front, 1 that controls the ‘ears’ section and one that controls the shaft. There are 6 vibration/pulsation settings for the clit stimulator and 3 movements for the G-spot motor. What I like about the base is that it has 3 stubs that allows you to to stand the toy upright.

It’s slightly weird looking to me, the ‘ears’ section doesn’t have your typical bunny ears but a component that resembles a mini tooth brush, with it’s bristles. The shaft is short with a bulbous section near the top that things out and acts like the vibrator‘s finger. There is also a little silicone part of the vibrator that sits opposite the ‘ears’ part but I am not sure what that acts as.

I know the Japanese are renowned for their ‘oddness’, when it comes to sex toys, so I am not that shocked at the design. I’m still some what baffled by this ‘extra’ sticky out part but it doesn’t get in the way.

The Mode takes 2 x AAA batteries, which are not included with the product. To open the base of the product to insert the batteries, twist the bottom to the left and it will simply click and the cap will drop off.


Full length: 18.5 cm’s
Insertion length: 8.4 cm’s
Girth of bulbous tip: 3.3cm’s

So, what’s so different apart from the shape/form of this rabbit type vibrator? WELL……..there is a unique W-roller system, which acts like a finger flicking against the female G-spot. It rolls back and forth in a curved outwards direction. This roller has 3 speeds, each of which are ALL effective whilst in use!

I found that the ‘tooth bush’ ears, where more effective on my clitoris than the typical ‘rabbit ears’, which was a delightful experience.

But don’t be fooled, I do like the Mode but I have 3 issues with it: The shaft is not long enough for my liking, the ears section doesn’t reach to my clitoris and it is not silent. OK, you could use it in a room with a door shut and not be heard but you can definitely hear the mechanics of the W-roller working over time. In use, I found that I had to push the Mode right up and hold steady for it to have an effect. I seem to have a G-spot that is hidden quite high up (just my luck 🙁 ) and I couldn’t position the ear section. I could basically mode2use one or the other.

To clean is easy, as long as you leave the base screwed on, this product is 100% waterproof. You can submerge the Mode into warm-hot soapy water and give it a good wipe with a clean cloth. Afterwards, towel dry the vibrator and then squirt a couple of pumps of your sex toy antibacterial spray over the toy, wipe it and then let the Mode stand to dry off.

The Tokyo Design Mode retails for £42.85 GBP’s. The price is a little off putting for me, yes it is a good quality made sex toy and it does the job if you’re 5ft or smaller, whilst you do the hard work but it really needs to be longer, to be worth the price.

So, for a round up: I feel that the Mode would be a lot better, if the shaft was longer and the ears too. Even by adding an extra inch to the shaft, would make this a much better vibrator for me.