Monarch Noir Nipple Clamp Review

The fabulous folks over at Ododi HQ, had asked me if I would review a new set of nipple clamps, from the Master Series of BDSM monarch noir nipple clamps. So I gladly accepted their fine offer and received a set of Monarch Noir Nipple Clamps, to review on their behalf.


Unfortunately, as I have been a sex toy reviewer, who’s pushing on for 3yrs now, there have been a few mishaps from companies (who shall remain nameless) and Mr Postie will always give me a wink, whenever I received a largish looking package. This does make for good conversation but as I have a very conservative neighbor, who unsuspectingly took in a parcel for me at one point and had to embarrassingly knocked on my door and handed over a very personal parcel, with a very red face, I do like my sex toy retailers who pride themselves on discretion with their customers.

The Monarch Noir Nipple Vice isn’t for the faint hearted! I’ve owned a good few nipple clamps and vices over the years and have come by monarch noir nipple vice some that have been unforgiving but these Master Series clamps leave no room for remorse.

Both clamps are large in size and attached to a chain that connects both ends, leaving a 12 inch leeway. The clamps and chain are made from metal and are a matte black in color. In my opinion, this gives the clamps a sexy and timeless feel, the majority of my clams are silver, so it is nice to have a pair of clamps that can be defined just by sight within my collection.

Both clamps measure 3.5 inches in length and are 1.5 inches in width, with rubber nobbled inner padding within each clamp head.

To use, simply squeeze the middle of the clamps and this will open the mouth up and place on your nipple. As I have large nipples, I find these clamps are more effective, if they are placed at the base of the nipple.

If you like pain and bondage gear, then the Monarch Noir Nipple Clamp is definitely for you! I won’t sugar coat it but they do cause intense pain sensations and will take some time getting use to, especially if you haven’t used a strong set of clamps before.

To add to your enjoyment, you could try dripping wax from the Way Play candle set (I have also reviewed these), numbing but tantalizing your nipples to the point of ecstasy, exploring is the way forward!

You can purchase a set of the Master Series Monarch Noir Nipple Vices from ododi, which retail for £14.99 GBP. For me, this is a great RRP, a deal that you can’t miss! I have seen these clamps go for over £20.00 GBP, I would still pay a decent amount for these clamps, as they are worth every penny.

Would I recommend the Monarch Noir Nipple Clamps to my readers? A big HELL YES! so what you waiting for? Why not purchase your own personal set today.