Lubricant Pleasure: Why You Have Been Missing Out

What Lubricant is Right for You?

It’s easy to forget about lubricant – it’s not an urgent essential like a condom after all. However, you shouldn’t be scrimping on it.

When it comes to sex, lubricant can often be an afterthought. Either you don’t use it at all, or you have been relying on the same bog standard one for years. Well, it’s time to open your eyes to the ever expanding world of lubricant! There are different sensations, flavours and textures to try, all of which will dramatically improve your sex life. So where shall we start?

Water Based

Water based lubricants are possibly the most widely available and most popular on the market. Slippery and sleek to the touch, they are easy to wash away due to their water content. The only downside is that they may dry out quickly if you are particularly vigorous, so be sure to have a bottle to hand for a quick re-application. A small amount inside a condom makes sex great for him too, so it can be used in a multitude of different ways.

Silicone Based

Silicone based lubricants are slightly less well known then their water based counterparts, but they offer just as much pleasure! Due to the main ingredient, silicone lubes do not break down in water. So it’s perfect for any cheeky showers, or a relaxing session in the bath. They are slightly harder to wash away than a water based lube, but only require one application.


Flavoured lubes are just so much fun. They make oral sex a completely new experience, and you’ll be much more keen on giving your partner that kind of attention if it tastes this good! Ranges from brands such as Durex Play offer a great choice of flavours, all the way from pina colada to strawberry. It doesn’t matter if you want a taste of the tropical or just a change from the normal, there are plenty out there to choose from!


Arousal lubricants are a great way of enhancing the sensations of sex. They work by reacting on contact with your skin to create sensations such as tingling, warming or any other feeling that adds another dimension to an already amazing experience. These lubricants are often water based, making for an easy clean up afterwards!


Desensitising lubricants are the last on our list, but by no means the least impressive. Perfect for the man who finds himself reaching the finishing line a little too quickly, these lubes help to keep orgasm at bay for a little longer. By reducing the sensation for him, sex lasts longer, which is better for both of you! So it’s a win-win situation. Better sex that lasts longer. What’s not to like?

Which one will you choose?

Now that you know just how much variety there is when shopping for lubricants, you mightbe a little more adventurous when choosing your purchases. There are some don’ts to remember, such as never to use an oil-based lube with latex condoms or a silicone lube with a silicone sex toy – but apart from those, it’s almost completely down to personal preference! So take some time to discover what kind of lubricant you and your partner like, and why couples all over the world wouldn’t be without it. As the saying goes, the wetter the better

Slippery When Wet! Ododi’s Guide to Lubricants