Key Charms Plush Petite Massager Review

The Key Charms Plush Petite Massager is part of the Key collection from JOPEN.

It’s silky cushioned exterior, combined with its 5 intensifying vibration patterns, will have you wanting more!

This luxurious sex toy comes in a small rectangular black and pink box, with a picture of the product on the front and a bold statement splashed across the front, informing the customer that this is a ‘Small package, Big reward…..’. On the back side of the product packaging, you are given a quick run down of the product’s features, the materials it is made from an a healthy and safety caution to wash the product before use. All in all, the Key Charm’s packaging is rather tasteful, to me, it is attractive and eye-catching.


Removing the outer sleeve, you are presented with a black box with white writing, again informing you of the product, pretty much the same as what it on the outer sleeve, front and back. The front of the inner box opens up as a window, which presents you with your plush toy. The Key Charms Plush Petite Massager is encased in a black foam mold.

The Plush comes with a black nylon dust cover bag, a warranty booklet and an instruction booklet.

Material information: Sleeve is made from body safe silicone, the bullet ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and PU CIMAG5097ote (polyurethan), the cap is made from ABS and silver coating and the alloy (push button) is made from stainless steal.

This product is non-porous, latex free, phphalate free and body safe. It takes 1 x AA battery (not included) and has a use life of 1.5-2hrs.


Length: 4″
Girth: 3.1″
Width: 0.8″

When this clitoral stimulator arrived, I was genuinely excited to test and review this bullet. I’ve not had the chance to review a decent bullet with a good sleeve and this product really did catch my eye.

Everything from the outer exterior of the packaging to taking this bullet vibrator out of the casing, did impress me, so I was hoping that it wouldn’t let me down, when in use.

The Plush massage has 5 operational settings, which in the leaflet provided tells you the patterns are 1) High 2) High 2 3) Tease 4) Pulse 5) Throb. To turn on the plush on, simply press the alloy cap once and to move through the 5 patterns, press the alloy once. To turn this clitoral stimulator off, hold down the alloy button for 2 seconds.

The cap of this bullet isn’t your average screw cap, you need to twist it slightly to the left and to replace it, match up the nobs inside the cap and turn the cap to the left. It is a little fiddly and can become annoying to place back on, as you have to move down the sleeve.

This bullet is a bit bigger than the average bullet but I like that in a clitoral stimulate, easier to handle! The curved tip of the sleeve feels amazing, when in use. I did find that I had to use lubricant to keep the toy from causing friction, so I used a water-based lubricant which I would advise to use, over other lubricants.

It does have a good kick in the power department, which I really do like in a sex toy. It is also near enough silent. Yes you can hear it yourself, when in use but you’re not going to hear it through a door or wall.

To clean is pretty simple, all you need is warm soapy water to wipe it down with and then you can use a sex toy cleaner (personally, I like the loving joy sparkle toy cleaner for £3.95). Spray the cleaner over the toy and wipe down, working into the creases of the plush’s sleeve, then leave it to naturally dry.

When you are not using this vibrator, remove the AA battery, to ensure a longer life expectancy of your sex toy.

The key Charms Plush Petite Massage Vibrator has an RRP of £39.95 GBP. I think this is a little highly priced for a bullet and would prefer it to be around the £20-£30 GBP mark. But if I had £40.00 to spare, then I would buy this sex toy, its silky smoothness and power are exactly what I look for.

I do have 1 slight concern, that would be the cap. In the long run, I am not entirely sure that this type of cap is with standing. It feels like it could easily break and I would prefer a screw cap but that is my personally choice.

To round this review off, I would recommend the Charm’s Plush vibrator. Power, smooth, does the job…..what more could you ask for?