Tantus Juice Review

Ever fancied using a hand juicer in your butt? Tantus think you have – and they come to the rescue with this unusual butt plug so we can all fulfill that part of our love life fantasies. Despite the juicer reference it is a toy I absolutely adore.

I am usually not all that happy about discussing anal and juice in the same sentence, but I’ll make an exception for this anal toy. This butt plug adds a playful new twist to the classic butt plug shape. It is a small plug that should work with everyone. It measures just under 4.5″ (11.5cm) in both length and maximum circumference. The slim neck is just 2.75″ (7cm) in circumference, which I must say is a very good size.

As always from Tantus, we can expect nothing less that pure platinum silicone which is body safe, nonporous, odor less, boilable, bleachable and dishwasher safe. There is a mold line running along the sides of the toy, but I must say that Tantus is getting good at hiding it. The seam is so smooth and barely noticeable. And the surface of this plug is amazing. It is quite firm, but it is absolutely incredible to touch. The matte surface has the softest most silky feel ever. I can’t stop stroking it. Why isn’t all silicone toys made with this kind of finish? It’s beyond me. Maverick and the Super Soft C-ring are two other Tantus toys with the same finish.

Tantus Juice Plug

The plug is dead simple, and a pleasure to use. It has a tapered tip starting from almost nothing and that makes insertion a breeze. Once it is halfway inserted, it pulls into the ass and stay there. The perfectly shaped base nestles between the butt cheeks and are never in the way. One thing to note is that the base will rest snugly against the body, and is not the easiest to grab a hold on. However it is perfectly safe and very comfortable.

The juicer texture can’t really be noticed unless you pull the plug out slightly and twist it. This stimulates the sphincter muscles nicely, and I love it. It is perfectly balanced and not too intense, feeling like a gentle massage rather than someone actually trying to juice my ass.

I absolutely adore this and it is one of my favorite Tantus anal toys. The playful design is not only a great visual, but it really adds something extra to an already sweet product. It is effortless to use and keep inserted over time. My muscles can relax against the neck, and not once have I felt like it was slipping out.

I don’t see why I never tried more of their plugs before now. They obviously know their stuff. It was probably a case of severe dildo-blindness. If the texture scare you, there are two other in this family and all share the same shape. One smooth called Neo and one shaped like a cork-screw-opener-thing called Twist.