PicoBong Kiki Bling Edition Review

PicoBong have released a ‘bling’ addition of there KiKi, simple named the ‘Kiki Bling Edition Cerise’.

The Kiki is a C-spot vibrator, basically meaning it is a clitoral vibrator. It has 12 vibration patterns, which is a mixture of vibrations and pulsations.

There are 2 operational buttons on the Kiki, a – and a +. To switch this sex toy on, all you need to do is hold down the + button and you will activate the lowest vibration setting. To move throw the speeds, hold down the + button, to reduce the speed, hold down the – button. To switch the Kiki off, either hold both buttons down together for 3 seconds or press the – button until the vibrations stop.

The Picobong Kiki takes 1 AAA battery, which is not included with this purchase.

When I first took this product out, I couldn’t work out how to operate it through the different patterns, as there are only 2 buttons but reading the manual, it does explain this in short detail. To move through the different patters, you need to hold down the + button for 2-3 seconds and then let go.

To place the battery into the Kiki, unscrew the jeweled end of the product, slip the 1 x AAA battery into it’s holding and then screw the cap back on.

As long as the screw cap is done up tightly, the Kiki is waterproof up to 1 meter depth of water.


Length – 9.1cm
Width – 2.6 cm
Girth – 3.4cm

The PicoBong Kiki Bling Edition Cerise comes in a small rectangular box, with a plastic see-through window front, the box is a cherise pink coloration, matching the Kiki product. On the front of the packaging, it tells you about the product – 12 different vibrations, waterproof, takes 1 AAA battery, silent. The product packaging is simple and effective, as well as eye-catching due to the color. There is nothing vulgar about this package.

With the Kiki, you also get an operation/guarantee manual (12 months), as well as a dice (has pictures on of other picobong products).

I was a little skeptical with testing the Kiki out, mainly because I knew the power of the vibrations wouldn’t suit me. But I kept my level head on and cracked on.

It is sold as a C-spot product, which means it’s just a clitoral stimulator but it could double up as a nipple stimulator or even a toy to tease your man’s willy with!

The Kiki vibrator is made from medically graded 100% silicone, which covers the shaft area, the base is made from ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic. Picobong products are body safe, non-porous and latex free.

To use, it was easy enough to hold in place, although switching through the vibration modes was a little tricky at first, until you got the hand of it. I id find that I had to use a water based lubricant, to help me on my way, not a lot, just a drop or two, so that there was no real friction between the silicone and my skin. I wasn’t overly impressed as it just didn’t hit me with power at all, I did give it a good go but the vibrations didn’t hit my spot as well as other sex toy products of the clitoral kind, did.

To clean; you can wash in warm soapy water but I would advise that you use a cotton wool ear bud to clear out the embossed lettering. It can get tricky with the jeweled covered end but with the combination of a good soak/sex toy cleaner and cotton wool ear buds, you can keep the Kiki clean.

Would I recommend the Picobong Kiki Bling Edition Cerise to someone? Yes but I would warn them that if they were after something stronger, to avoid this one.