Fun Factory Stronic Zwei Review

The Stronic product line by Fun Factory has won countless awards and deserves to be called revolutionary. Here, we’ll take a look at number two in the series; the Stronic Zwei.

There are no denying that the Stronic line is innovating. Fun Factory has managed to create entirely new technology for their products. We are no longer talking about vibrators, rather pulsators. And the difference from an ordinary vibrator could not be greater. The Stronics has a weight on the inside that are flung back and forth by electro magnets. It’s actually based on technology developed by NASA. This forces the toy to literally hump back and forth, and this with such force that it is almost impossible to hold it still in the hand.

Stronic Zwei is number two in the line, made especially for anal sex toy stimulation. It has a nice flared base that makes it safe to use – and it has a nice curved head and a gradual size. I must say though, that this is no toy for beginners. It has a rather hefty girth, and it need some slack to really move.


When flipped the other way around however, we can discuss partnerships. I’m glad no less than this would allow me to enjoy Stronic Zwei’s full potential. It is much easier to get in place, ans it stays there once the head points towards the back. It is also a lot more comfortable, as it follows the curves of the rectum. The surface is very smooth and velvety, and it feels plain and simple in the butt.

When turned on, that hefty price tag makes all the sense in the world. Surprisingly it wiggles quite a bit when inserted anally, and when I lie on my front I don’t even have to hold it. Score!

The pulsations are nice and very deep on the lower settings. The higher settings increase the speed but not the strength, and honestly it feels closer to vibrations the faster it goes. Not that I complain. This has my entire lower region shaking, which is kinda hilarious when I think about it. It does not penetrate deeply in and out by itself, but shallow thrusts and wiggling is the accurate way to describe it. It’s more than enough to satisfy, and I can’t even imagine why we accept mediocre vibrators after this.

The pulsator is really easy to control. It’s controlled with three buttons. The red Fun button turns on the beast with a single click. The plus button changes the dynamic variations and the minus button enters and changes the algorithmic patterns. The first one are 7 different continuous patters that keep the Zwei in constant movement. They all feel organic. The last one has more stops, and feel more sporadic and calculated.

One other thing that is great with this toy, is that it is almost silent. Yes, it is easy to hear the weight on the inside being tossed back and forth, but it is very discreet and low-key. It can not even be compared to the buzzing of a vibrator. Combine that with a one click to turn off function and we have a nice discreet little toy.

All the Stronics are rechargeable and waterproof. It use the Fun Factory Click ‘n’ Charge, magnetic charger system which is great. You do get a USB charger with the toy, and one charge gives you about three hours of playtime. That should be plenty. The buttons light up when in use, and when the battery is charging. It also has a neat travel lock enabled by default. It activates with the Fun and minus button for a few seconds, and the Fun and plus button to unlock.

As the Stronic Zwei is made in body safe silicone, it is easy to clean and maintain. Soap and water does the trick, and it can also handle a 5% bleach solution.
Fun Factory Stronic Zwei overall

I am very happy with the Fun Factory Stronic Zwei. Not only does it offer new technology, but something new that is more than a gimmick and that actually works. The tilted base is a small annoyance, as it limits the use slightly. But I don’t think that matters too much, as it is simply delicious when turned around the other way. The different pulsations are fun to use, and offers different thrusts. I believe this is the best sex machine you can get in this compact size, and it really is a genius device.