L’amourose Denia Review

Move over LELO, there is a new boss of sex toys in town and there is no messing with this French connoisseur of sexual pleasure!

It’s like L’amourose have opened up my inner thoughts of sexual desire and made them into a silicone god of power. OK OK, maybe that’s an over statement but WOW, L’amourose has impressed me so far. After reviewing the l’amourose denia L’amourose Rosa Rouge, i really didn’t think anything else could meet my needs. I had previously reviewed the L’amourose MAE, CLARK and LANA. Only 2 out of those 3 hit it off with me but that’s not a bad thing at all.

Ododi had kindly sent me the L’amourose Denia to review on their behalf, who am I to reject such an orgasmic offer?

The L’amourose Denia is a dual ‘massager’ but to put it bluntly, it is a vibrator with a rabbit ear.

I am not a fan of rabbit type vibrators, they just don’t really do it for me and the ears always feel like my clit is being jabbed with a rubber hammer. Could the Denia change my opinion on rabbits?

The Denia has two motors that operate the rabbit ear and vibrator shaft. There are 9 modes and 12 different speeds, which are operated on the base of the Denia. The -/+ will take you up or down in the speed department and the middle oval button will take you through the different modes.

To switch the Denia on, select the + button and switch it off select the – button. There is also the ability to lock your vibrator, so that if you are on your travels with it in your bag, it will not switch on. To activate this option, hold down the – and + buttons for 3 seconds. During this time, the oval button will stay alight but once the travel mode has been activated, this light will switch off. To take it out of this mode, again hold down the – and + button, the light will come on, once the Denia switches out of it’s travel mode.

L’amourose denia The Denia comes from the l’amourose Black Diamond range, which basically means the base (which is the charging dock) simply looks like a black diamond. But does bring in a bit of class and looks fab to show off…..well, if you are like me!

The Denia is made from 100% graded silicone, although the base of the vibrator is made from ABS plastic but this is not an issue, as the underneath doesn’t enter the body. It is 100% waterproof, non-porous, has no latex or phthalates and is 100% body safe, as a sex toy. It’s easy to wash and keep clean and you get your own velvet storage bag with this sex toy, simples really.

What I think makes this vibrator more unique than the average bear, is that it has a flex and shift technology. Basically, fits to the body it is being used for. I always find rabbits are a stiff sex toy, they don’t mould around you and I don’t like wasting my precious sexual time on them. But with the Denia, this wasn’t an issue, it fit perfectly. The bulbous head is nice and thick and I can feel it resting on my G-spot, waiting for me to kick it into ‘giddy up’ mode.

It took some playing about with, to get the modes sorted and to see what is what with the speeds. But eventually I did get there. I love hard and fast stimulation on my clitoris and the Denia achieved that but I reckon what would make this a much more needed vibrator, is if the ‘bunny ear’ was a little longer.

Unfortunately, I did find that trying to press the buttons during use, was a little bit complicated, as the buttons are on the left side of the base. I would love it, if L’amourose decided to make their vibrators remote controllable, L’amourose denia actually that would be perfect!

Ododi currently have the L’amourose Denia at the price of £139.95 GBP. Although I do like the Denia, I prefer the Rosa Rouge with it’s thermal mode and the Denia is just slightly under par to the Rosa Rouge. I would prefer to see this vibrator at a lower price but would be happy to pay over £100.00 GBP for it.

The L’amourose Denia comes in black, cherise and purple.

I do like the Denia but still on the fence about the ear part of it. Would it work well as a simply vibrator? I reckon so but the ear still doesn’t do it for me in the long run. The first time I tested this sex toy, I was blown away but after testing a few more times, the ear felt like it was getting in my way. It doesn’t mean the Denia is a rubbish sex toy, it is far from that and still out doe a lot of vibrators that are currently in the market, I just didn’t get on with the ear. The Denia is a rather powerful vibrator and delivers on it’s promise, if you like rabbit type vibrators, then this is one that is definitely a must try.

With the L’amourose Denia, you receive a velvet storage bag, operational manual, guarantee and warranty card, charging dock and plug and a keep sake box.