Doxy Wand Massager Review

I have been in awe of the Doxy Massager, since I first was able to fondle about with it in a local sex toy shop but I never really got round to buying one for myself. I have 100’s upon 100’s of sex toys, which is to be expected and numerous massagers and wands but I was missing the one product that I craved for…..The Doxy!

I’d be lying if I said I was composed, when this magnificent product, landed on my doorstep. I was more like an excited, quivering mess and felt like I had won the lottery for a few lingering moments. But it dawned on me that I may not be able to give the Doxy Wand a full and proper review, as 2 weeks ago I hurt my back. No biggy as I can still get about but it’s stopping me from being ‘as’ agile, as I was before. However, it’s a wand massager, it’s got many purposes it can be used for and I definitely put it through it’s tracks *inserts thumbs up*. Doxy Wand

Doxy Wand Massager Purple

The Doxy Massager was designed and produced in the UK, which I think is fantastic! No out sourcing business to other countries (no problems if you do, just nice to see a good product being made in my homeland) and is the UK’s answers to the whirl wind Hitachi wand.

It measures 13″ in overall length, with the head circumference being 7.5″ in total. The bulbous head it is made from a medically graded PVC, I want to say it’s 100% body safe BUT PVC is a porous material in some aspects, so I am assuming the ‘head’ of this wand is slightly porous. There is a manufacturing booklet that the wand comes with, which does inform the user that this wand is only for external use. But Doxy do say that this sex toy does not contain latex or phthalates, which is a bonus.

Doxy Wand Massager Black

The Doxy Wand has basic functional settings, there’s no flashy gimmicks, simply 1 vibration mode that you can make stronger or weaker. The weakest rumble is still pretty strong, whereas the strong would literally rock your world! When you switch your doxy wand on, you will land on pretty much the middle vibration setting/speed. Easy to switch on/off, with one press of the same button and to move up and down, you press the -/+ button. Doxy have made operating this wand, much easier than the average sex toy, as the buttons are big, slightly bigger than a 1p coin. Doxy Wand

If you’re a power freak (like me), Doxy has your back! This is the most powerful wand that I have personally experienced, I’d go as far to say it’s the most powerful sex toy that I have tested, as of yet!

As this is mains powered, it can make the use a bit of an arse but I have an influx of extension leads, which have finally come in some use, I would advise in investing into an extension lead, with a mains powered doxy, it will make life much easier for you.

Doxy Wand Massager White

As a sex toy, this wand damn well hits all the right places, it’s long-ness made easy work of any tough orgasms and as a general massager, it eased those aches and pains that have been crippling me for weeks! I can’t really fault the Doxy Wand, apart from this one being mains powered and a slight plastic-type smell from the bulbous head but in time, that will fade (I hope). It’s my newly acquired number spot product and I will definitely be using this again.

I’m not a fan of the Doxy’s noise, it’s not an entirely discreet sounding product, especially when it’s full throttle but I don’t think something this powerful could be fully silenced? I could be proved wrong though!

The Doxy Wand comes in the following colours; white, purple, black and pink.

To sum this up, I personally feel that the price is fine and pretty good, considering it’s a strong and pleasing sex toy. It may sound like a concord taking off, when it reaches it’s strongest mode but I really don’t care, it hits all over buttons for me. This is one product that you must try, if I am honest, I wouldn’t bother purchasing cheaper imitations, save yourself some pennies and buy yourself a Doxy Wand Massager.  Check out our range of Doxy Wand Massagers Here


Doxy Wand Massager Pink