Are You Getting What You Really Want from Sex?

So you need more from your sex life, yet chatting with your partner about it has a tendency to be awkward or uncomfortable. Beginning that discussion can offer you some assistance with growing closer as a couple and also help you in expanding your desires and closeness.

Talking about what you want from sex helps both you and your partner understand each other’s desires and also brings you together.

How To Have Great Sex Without Intercourse


1. Allocate time to talk.

Talk about what you truly adore about sex life and what you need to do to change it. Listen to each other and understand what you appreciate about one another in the bedroom. Be open and honest with each other and be positive. Discuss how you each feel when you touch one another. Talking about this will help you understand what you need in your sex life.

2. Continue talking in the bedroom.

Make sure you offer sexy feedback. Convey your feedback using your hands, body and voice. Show your partner how and where you like to be touched. Be enthusiastic when talking and telling your partner what turns you on. If touching one area does not do anything then move to another area or change positions – be gentle while making your point.

Talking does not always express your desire, show photographs and perhaps demonstrate sexual positions.

3. Use the bedroom to experiment

One approach to use massage oils and lubrication to stimulate foreplay. You will become aroused and the excitement will build up arousing and stimulating both you and your partner.

Try out different positions and introduce the use of sex toys and apparatus and carry out your sexual fantasies. After all what goes on behind closed doors is your own little secret. Try using sex toys with your partner to add variety.

4. Compliment. Compliment. Compliment.

Don’t be afraid to compliment one another when playing and having sex. Make each other feel good about yourself. Telling your partner what you enjoy will help them in understanding your sexual desires.

5. Add some humour to the discussion.

You don’t have to sit there and be serious with each other when talking. Incorporate some fun and humour. Play a game, for example write down three things you would like and turn over the cards and get your partner to pick one.

Be funny, try what has been picked and if it does not work then have a laugh about it as this will ease the tension and also encourage you to try more things.

6. Connect outside the bedroom

Make sure you arrange weekly date nights or if not weekly at least twice a month. Use this ‘date night’ to talk to your partner and express feelings of caring. This time talking is just as important as having sex as it is intimacy in a different way.

Talking with your partner about sex and discussing the negatives can ring you closer together and improve your sex life. Don’t give it a second thought, start talking with each other now and find out what you really want from sex.

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