Bursting those Condom Myths

Sex is great, it’s bloody fantastic and the last thing you need is a Debbie Downer, right?

I really do feel like I’m about to fly into one of ‘those’ embarrassing mum moments, so I shall apologize before I start, sorry!

But is it really a mood killer to stop and ‘bag up’, which can take a moment, compared to catching a god awful STI or falling pregnant (if not planned). No it is not!

I am 34 and let’s face it, I ain’t getting any younger (I wish) but I am still hearing men my age and older, trying to wheedle their way out of popping a condom on. Come on lads, you’re old enough to know better!

So, before you settle in for a night of a strict regime of your ‘Netflix and Chill’, I figured I would address the few excuse that I have experienced men say and put them to bed, so to speak.

“I’m allergic to latex, so I can’t wear a rubber“

Are you really allergic to latex? Who knows, maybe it’s a lazy excuse to use but there are alternatives to latex condoms. These days, many brands do offer a non-latex version. Latex is becoming a common material that many people can have reactions to and do have reactions. Therefore, may I suggest you use a non-latex condom, such as the Pasante Unique condom. Or even pop into your local Superdrugs or Boots and pick up a packet of Skyn or Durex non-latex. There is always an option, ladies don’t let your man pull a fast one!

“I can pull out before I cum“

No, no you can’t!

It’s a simple fact that a man does pre-ejaculate. Pre-ejaculation is the liquid that sneakingly seeps out of a man’s penis before he cums, it may or may not contain semen, according to some studies. This doesn’t mean it happens minutes before, it starts as soon as the man becomes turned on and his penis hardens. This happens as a body’s own formation of lubrication of the urethra and it also neutralizes any acid residues left from urine (this is hostile to sperm).

People could argue that studies over the decades stated that no sperm could be found in pre-ejaculation samples. But a study in 2011 had shown that samples examined within 2 minutes of depositing, did prove to home a certain percentage of sperm. 41% of the men examined had semen in their ‘pre-cum’.

Is it really worth the risk? Again………………pregnancy or STI or neither, your call.

“I’ll double bag, to be safe“

No you won’t, sir, no you won’t!

The friction caused from both condoms rubbing against each other, is enough to weaken or even cause a rip in either condom.

“But putting on a rubber kills my mood“

How about a baby screaming at 2am, will that also kill your mood? Well then….

I know and I understand how fiddly and annoying it is to fondle for that condom, mucking about with opening the packaging and then slipping it on, it’s all a hoo-ha, isn’t it? But come on, holding off for a minute or two to slip it on, really won’t be that big of a buzz kill. Your partner can always help, she/he can play with your testicles, play with him or herself, there are many options for you. Make it as much fun as you want to but never use the excuse that it is a buzz kill and you want to know why…………….

Gonorrhea Crabs HIV Syphilis

There you go, I said it! What was more off-putting; putting a condom on or the thought of catching a nasty-weeping-itchy-STI that will disable you from partaking in further sexual antics whilst causing you pain? I’ll let you mull that one over.

“I don’t feel much pleasure in my willy, when I wear a condom“

I did believe this when I was a late teen, even in my early 20’s but then I wised up. These blokes are pulling a fast one, ladies I highly suggest you do not believe this one line.

OK OK lads, it may not be 100% sensational as riding bare back but you can’t say you don’t enjoy sex with a condom on, are you mad? There are products on the market these days that allow extra sensitivity, such as the Pasante Feel condom. There are ways around this, select a thinner condom, try different makes of condoms, or pattern such as ribbed or dotted. There is an array to chose from out there.

I know I am being slightly repetitive about pregnancy and STI’s but it’s the truth. A lot more people are experiencing a full blooming sexual life these days and we need to drum into our younger generations (and let’s face it, some older ones too) that you can be safe and have fun at the same time.

Enjoy your dating website hook ups or fuck buddy ventures but be safe about it. Have all the sex in the world but don’t leave a lingering calling card in the form of an STI, it’s not fun for anyone.

This is the moment that I must bring up that condoms are not 100% safe as a contraceptive method but they will help to prevent STI’s. If your lady isn’t looking to grow a little seedling, as of yet, I would highly suggest that you have that ‘contraception’ talk with each other. Look into methods of contraception that she can use (implant, pill), whilst you use a condom. But most of all to all those men reading this……if you meet a woman off a dating website and you end up doing the ‘naughty’, please do not fall for her line of “I’m on the pill”, bag up for both your peace of mind.

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