How to use a sex toy for the first time.

If you are a newbie to sex toys then shopping for your next vibrator or sex toy may seem intimidating, especially in a popular sex toy shop. However, you do not need to feel shy or ashamed that you are shopping for a new sex toy; everyone else in the store is shopping for new ways to increase their pleasure.

Order your Sex Toy Online

If you are feeling really shy about going to a adult shop and picking out your new vibrator, there are a variety of stores that allow you to order your sex toy online and receive your new toy in discreet packaging so no one will have any idea what fun you are about to have.

While becoming initiated into the adult world of sex toys can seem intimidating, there are some tips to help you get used to using a vibrator alone before you decide if you want to share the pleasure with your partner. Most first timers prefer to start with a small inexpensive toy. Nearly all women prefer to start with a bullet or basic small sized vibrator for their first time using a sex toy.

Expand your pleasurable foreplay

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Performing some type of clitoral stimulation induces most women to have an orgasm so that is where a lot of first time toy user gets their surprise, the first orgasm from using their new toy. A good first step when testing out a sex toy for the first time is to lower the lights, turn on some music that you enjoy and lay in your bed or another comfortable place. Use your hands to start turning yourself on by running them up and down your arms, chest and hips and thighs, paying attention to where it feels good. Then turn your new vibrator on low and test it against a sensitive part of your body, such as the back of your knees or your inner arm.

When you feel that the vibrator is going at a speed you may enjoy, try rolling it across each of your nipples and down your stomach and inner thighs to expand your pleasurable foreplay. When you start to feel excited lower the vibration speed a bit and slide it along your labia. Slide the vibrator around your labia and closer to your clitoris until you can start feeling the vibration and zing of your blood rushing. Most women gently circle their clitoris with the vibrator and change the vibration speeds until they find the one that suits them best until they have an orgasm.

The great thing about using a sex toy is that there are no rules about what you can do with it, if it feels good and is done in a safe way feel free to try it.