Men and their Magic Wands

Have you ever heard women raving about wand massagers? You may have seen ‘em in magazines, on the web, in Sex and the City and generally all over the place. But what about us guys? Well, you know what? We can have some fun with them too!

The Hitachi Magic Wand was perhaps the one that started it all. A neck massager quickly turned into something a little more useful; a powerful vibrator. The Hitachi has recently been re branded as Vibratex Magic Wand Original – to preserve Hitachi’s reputation as a modest and well respected brand. I can’t see why any self respecting company would ditch one of the most popular vibrators in the world just so some people won’t think badly of them. Heck, they should be proud of it!

So what’s the fuss all about anyway? Well, a wand massager it is usually a mains powered vibrator and massager. Perfect for sore shoulders and backs, but it will do wonders in stimulating the more sensitive areas of the male body as well.

The vibrations they provide are usually very intense and powerful. Not only are wands fabulous to use along the shaft of the penis, but the vibrations can cause orgasm without the need for any movement at all. Even through clothes. Not only that – Wand massagers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they can all be combined with attachments that pop onto the head of the massager. Examples of this is the Hummingbird, which essentially is a masturbation sleeve with nubs and ridges that rests on the head of the vibrator. Talk about taking masturbation to a new level.

If anal stimulation is more your thing, there are a wide range of attachments that target the prostate. Usually they are marketed as G-spot tools, but they will work even better for us guys. If you have a great non vibrating dildo, or butt plug it is just as well to place the wand at the base to really crank up the pleasure.

It is far too easy to simply pass by wand massagers because of their bulky size and long cords. They have nothing to hold up against the wonderful and sleek designs of the newest Lelo or Fun Factory toys. However, what you give up in terms of size and design you get back in the form of sheer POWER! The intense vibrations coupled with a nice attachment makes all the difference compared to a regular battery powered vibrator. It is simply much stronger when it is plugged directly into a power outlet. It provides the power needed to get off and get going.

If your curiosity is peaked, I suggest you give it a go. Not only are these multi purpose power tools, they are also quite affordable. However, if you live in Europe like me – we can not get our hands on a Magic Wand Original because it supports American voltage only. It is a shame really! But Europe Magic Wand is a Danish designed lookalike that works in Europe! The quality is superb, it comes with a EU two pin power plug and they even offer a few special attachments in pure silicone. Compared to other Magic Wand replicas (watch out for orange/red detailing) I have experienced, the Europe Magic Wand is really the king of build and vibration quality. It is also CE approved and safe to use, unlike some of the cheaper types. They are also working on a version that can be used world wide, it’s going to be great. The review can be found here.

So guys, browse our range of male sex toys, gather your courage and whip out your wands!