Cheeky Wash and Wipes Review

Cheeky Wash is a non-fragrance and anti-bacterial body wash with a difference! No need for water, simply place on your skin, rub into your intended area and then dab with a towel. It is a product that is made for ‘on the go’ and is in a 65ml bottle, which is small enough to fit in your hand bag or coat pocket.

This portable wash, also comes with 4 tablet looking expandable wipes. These clothes are the size of a 1 pence and a bit thicker. They stay minuet until you add the Cheeky wash and then they expand to a clothe that is the size of a face wash……brilliant or what!


The wash has been used by medical professionals and the NHS for years but has been tweaked to be Paraben free with a friendly pH-balance, meaning that you can use the Cheeky Wash on your most intimate parts. This product is also alcohol free, pretty much making it a hypoallergenic product for me.

Testing this product was like a little science test in my kitchen. I placed one clothe tablet on a tea-towel and carefully dripped the Cheeky Wash on top. I didn’t need a lot, maybe only 8 drops, for the towel to expand. Once the towel was damp, I unraveled it to reveal an average sized face clothe that was ready to be used.

Rubbing the lathered up clothe, I could wash both arms, under arms, chest (which is large generous in size), both legs and my bits (have to see if you could get a full bird bath with this fella).

I am pleased to say that the cheeky wash and clothe passed the test. Even by the end of using the cloth, it was still soapy. The instructions do say that you should wipe down with a towel but to be honest, if you are out at a festival, by the time you have fully cleaned, you are pretty much dry.

There is no real smell with this wash, even when used with a cloth. I did get a very faint smell of fairy liquid but heck, who cares, least you’re clean!

Although this is a ‘Cheeky Wash’, you could use the wash with the clothes, anywhere. Going to a festival, going camping, long journeys, after sexual adventures, nights out or even taken to a restaurant to use, instead of baby wipes. So many alternative uses!

Cheeky wash has an RRP of £4.99, you can buy the wash AND the wipes or just the wash. The wipes are an extra £1.49 for 4. I personally feel that this is a very good price, considering what the product and the towels do. I would definitely pay those retail prices.

Ododi are onto a winner, in my eyes and I shall be using this cheeky little wash, whenever I get the chance to. But don’t just take my word on it, try the Cheeky Wash intimate cleaner for yourself!