Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme X40 Review

The newest addition to the Bathmate Hydromax product lineup is the Hydromax Xtreme. It is supposedly the strongest water pump on the market, and it further improves the Hydromax series with the addition of a hand pump.

The product is like its predecessor, a water pump for forcing and increasing blood flow into the penis. It helps increase size, hardness and sensitivity, much like the effects from a cock ring only with greater results. It is even said to improve overall penile health.

It consists of a pretty big cylinder tube with rubber bellows attached. In the far end it has a valve that will release water once the device gets compressed – this creates a vacuum that in turn draws blood into your dick and gently expands it. Because the water cannot be compressed, it is said to provide an even pressure around the penis to expand everything uniformly. The difference between the X30 and X40 models is the size. Both are a step up from the more basic Bathmate Hercules pump which is the smallest and most basic pump available. The X-series comes with an improved release valve as well as a rubber coated comfort pad that is to sit between the device and the body.

It is just over 13″ tall, while the cylinder is just under 9″ with 7″ of usable length. The gaiters plus comfort pad adds another 4″. Opening diameter is slightly above 2.5″ with 12.5″ in circumference. When compressed as much as possible you still have 9″ in length to play with, which gives most people plenty of room to grow.

Bathmate Xtreme

The Xtreme is also the most complete package that Bathmate offers. It includes the pump, a hand pump attachment, a small towel, a cleaning sponge with handle, a shower strap, a measuring gauge, a tiny bottle of lube, a padlock and a roomy lockable case to keep everything in.
In use

I have to say it works just as well as the original. Simply fill it with water, keeping the valve shut. Position with penis on the inside and balls on the outside, open valve and pump until the thing is sealed. Then we wait. And pump a few times now and then to maintain the pressure. It does get weaker over time, if it’s not used underwater. For more details, hop over to the in use section of the Bathmate Hydromax X40 review.

The Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme X40 penis pump is no different in use, and it still feels kinda funky. Not really painful, but there is a definitive cock-stretch to be felt. As of now, I usually use it without the hand pump. I don’t really need the extra force yet. This way, I can’t really tell the difference. With the hand pump however, it will give that little extra vacuum simply because the bellows can’t compress further. It’s a nice addition, but it has to be attached from the beginning – otherwise the vacuum will diminish.

As this is a very strong pump, please be aware and take it nice and slow. If you’re too hasty, you’ll end up bruising yourself like I have done a few times. Luckily the red spots (that may appear) under the skin fade away after a few days of rest.


It’s hard to tell if the gains I experience are permanent and if they would remain if I stop using the pump. But what I do know is that post pumping length and girth gets a nice boost and it will stay boosted for a few hours, leaving plenty of time for other activities. I find that after pumping the sensitivity is increased, and stimulation feels better. I definitely feel and look meatier post pumping, which is something I both like and are a bit freaked out by.

I love the look of the Hydromax Xtreme, the gray bellows and the red tube for the hand pump looks handsome. I prefer the Xtreme over the regular (black) one. But other than that I can’t really recommend one over the other. Sure you get a bunch of extras with your Xtreme and a more heavy-duty pump with the add-on. But the Hydromax pumps are great and I am not sure if the Xtreme is really necessary. If money is an important factor, go with the original and if you want the extras and can spend a bit more, go with the Xtreme. Both would be very good choices.

The included shower strap is what I have been screaming for since I got my original X40, it really makes a difference if you use the pump in the shower.

The Xtreme pump is expensive, it ticks in at $360 ($120 more than the original) – but the quality is superb. It will probably last forever. They are even driving over this things with trucks just to prove it. If you are on a budget the Hercules pump is an option. I would however recommend the Hydromax line if you can afford it, because the comfort pad, stronger valve and nicer design add to the value in my opinion. It is a great piece of kit – but it will not make a penis grow inches within a few months. So this is a product I would recommend based on realistic expectations.