Safer Holiday Ideas: Sex, Sunscreen, And Safety In Numbers

Hopefully with the further easing of Covid-19 restrictions our minds can start turning once again to beautiful sunny holidays abroad and here at, we thought our readers deserved some reminders about how to have a safe and fun vacation.

We have some of the more obvious tips about general health:

  • Wear sunscreen. This should be self explanatory.
  • Watch your alcohol intake.This is a two-fold warning. I’m not going to be silly or naive and say that you should forgo alcohol during Spring Break (unless you already don’t drink, then…this shouldn’t be an issue for you), but there are some things to keep in mind if you do choose to imbibe adult beverages:
    • Take it slow. As tempting as those beer bongs might be, regulating your drinking to a moderate level (taking factors like your gender, weight and food intake into account) can save you in the long run. It’ll help you avoid those hellish hangovers, poor decision making, or worse – serious medical issues if it progresses into alcohol poisoning.
    • Know the liquor laws of your travel destination. It’s pretty safe to assume that the 18+ drinking age applies in the United Kingdom. However, if you’re traveling out of the country, legal troubles around alcohol could be even more severe.
  • The buddy system works, use it. Go out with a group of friends and make sure that you guys check in with each other. Have mobile phones or some other quick form of communication if something happens. Check in at the end of the night (if friends decide to go home without the group or with someone else) – sometimes a helpful reminder from a friend might mean the difference between a regrettable decision and a much happier morning.
  • Last but not least, we are obligated to mention some sexual health safety tips for Spring Break. Think about your sexual boundaries before you leave for Spring Break. If you want to hook up with someone, fine. Just plan for it first – make sure you bring proection with you on vacation including condoms, dental dams, lube and any other forms of birth control you might use (including your birth control pills – very important!). Discuss those boundaries with you friends – let them know that you want to go home with someone and if you don’t they should remind you of that.

Have fun!

Enjoy Great Holiday Sex