Clone-a-Willy Review

I was kindly sent a light skinned Clone-a-Willy by the same named company ‘Clone a Willy’.

On arrival, it was packed well and discreetly addressed, 2 things I like to see, as Royal Mail aren’t really known for their gentle handling skills!

Instantly I knew that using this penis moulding kit would be mucky but fun, I couldn’t wait to try it out.

Opening up the kit, I laid out in front of me 2 pots of liquid ( 1 x liquid rubber & 1 x liquid skin mix), a wooden stirrer stick, molding powder, instructions, molding tube, vibrator and a thermometer.

I will quickly relay the instructions;

1 – Cut the plastic molding tube down to size. To do so, you/your partner will need to be fully erect.
2 – Measure out 425ml of hot water (37c)
3 – Poor water into a mixing bowl, then add in the molding powder and stir for 1 minute before pouring into the molding tube. The mixture may still be a little lumpy, don’t worry.
4 – Placing your/his penis into the tube full of mixture. It says on the instructions to wait 2 minutes before removing the mold.
5 – Remove penis, carefully as you may end up ripping hairs out!
6 – Mix the 2 pots of liquid together – use a disposable container for this part.
7 – Before pouring the liquid into the mold, cut out a piece of cardboard. Slice a hole in the card board that is big enough to fit around the top of the vibrator. The cardboard will hold the vibrator in place.
8 – Poor liquid into mold, then slowly insert the vibrator. Make sure you leave an inch of space between the top of the mold and the liquid, as the liquid will rise up as the vibrator is placed in.
9 – Leave the mold in a safe place, out of the reach of kids and animals. It has to rest for 24hrs.
10 – When you go to remove the clone cast, be gentle. I found that cutting a slit into the plastic, then gently squeezing the tubing to undo the mold, works. Once the clone is out, remove any unwanted lumps and then let your clone air for a few hours before using.

You will find you will need the following items, as they are not supplied;

Pen (use to mark the tube)
Mixing bowl and a disposable mixing bowl
Wet wipes/baby wipes.
Cock ring
1 x AA battery

You will need 2 people to make this mold work, as it can be pretty fiddly.

This is a kit that you can have fun with, myself and my partner in crime (D) had a lot of fun, leading up to the actual molding. If you’re a fan of foreplay, then you will love the build up.

Once he was hard, I began mixing the molding powder with the 37c water for 90 seconds. During this time, D placed a cock ring around the base of his shaft, to help keep him fully erect. Once the mixture was formed, we poured it into cloneawillythe plastic molding tube, as per instructions. Now the mucky bit, he dipped his penis into the molding solution. I will say that you need to keep the penis literally dead center, unfortunately my partner was off center.

Once the mold set (approx. 2 mins), then we gently and slowly slipped the tube off from around his penis. It is best to use 2 sets of hands with this part of the process, as the mold pulls at the skin and could rip around the top of the tubing area.

I then set about mixing the skin and rubber liquid together, before D poured it into the mold. We left an inch space from the top of the molding tube, as per instructions. You will want to place down some paper towels, just in case the liquid mixture over spills. D then slowly place the vibrator into the molding solution and we set it aside to set.

24hrs later, I slowly removed the mold from the plastic casing. I found I had to cut with the scissors, around the top of the tube, so that I could begin to remove the mold. Once the tube came away, the molding around the clone, simply fell away and voila, my prize of D’s cloned willy was safely in my hands!

D had informed me that the original molding mixture was cold, which actually effected his full size being molded. I was a little disappointed as D has a glorious manhood, which wasn’t fully portrayed by this kit, however, the detail of his veins and head came out perfect. D had also asked me to advise that any man, using this kit, should fully shave his pubic area and thigh area, as the mold will pull and rip out hairs, when you remove it from your penis.

The vibrator that is used with this Clone-a-willy takes 1 standard AA battery, which is not included with the kit, so you will need to supply one yourself. The vibrator only has 1 speed, which for me, is of average strength for a single speed vibrator, although there is nothing disappointing with that, as it hits the right places!

We both felt that the water will need to be warmer, as once it is mixed with the molding powder, it cools right down. The problem we faced is that it effect D’s ability to stay fully erect. Other than that, we had a fun pact evening, it’s defiantly a kit to play around with but you must following the timings in the instructions.

I personally feel that for an RRP of £33.99, you are getting a lovely bargain. You must keep in mind though that due to this product being rubber, it is a porous product, which does make it hard to clean. You can use water and silicone based lubricants with this toy but if you are to use this vibrating clone dildo, inside yourself, I would advise to place a condom over it.

I really was impressed with how much detail of the top half of this clone, captured. It really did imprint D’s head to perfection but the base area didn’t turn out too well. It is messy and a tricky kit to use but over all, it’s fun and you are left with a very personal toy!

You can purchase Clone-A-Willy kits from most online retailers, there is also the option to buy a chocolate cloning kit, glow in the dark and many more.

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