Q & A: Which Pubic Hairstyle is right for you?

The way you dress and style yourself sends a message to the world about who we are and what we’re all about. Over a lifetime we spend a small fortune on the hair on our head ensuring we look our best but have you considered your “down below” style?

Making a good first impression is important, so is staying true to yourself and finding a style that makes you feel hot whilst naked but portrays the real you is more important than anything. Many women end up bald believing their partner prefers it and many women also consider pubic hair looks messy. Sometimes you just need a trim if you want to look tidy in your sexy underwear.

This is simply not the case with loads of people loving body hair and some even finding it a real fetish and utterly irresistible.

I can understand that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea especially picking pubes from your teeth as you perform oral sex. Keeping a nicely trimmed bush will greatly improve oral sex for both of you, he may even be persuaded to travel south more often! You don’t have to shave it all off, there are a few simply ways to keep it looking good.

There are many products available for chemists and supermarkets that allow you to experiment creating a style in the comfort of your home, easy, comfortable and considerably cheaper than visiting a spa or beauty salon.

Have you thought about including it as part of your foreplay? It can be a very erotic and intimate experience shaving each other. Enjoy the sensual feelings as they cascade slick shaving foam over your lady bits before you feel the super sharp razor glide across your skin. This forms a real bond of trust and shows openness to your relationship, it can also be an incredible turn on!