Q&A: My Semen Had A Slight Red Color. What Could Cause That?

QUESTION: After a month of not masturbating, I masturbated today. I noticed that my semen had a slight reddish color to it, which scared me. What could cause that? My urine looks normal, it’s just my semen that’s a different color. Thanks.

If you don’t notice reddish semen again, it’s probably nothing to worry about.

Reddish semen is probably a sign of there being some small amount of blood in your semen, which can come from an infection or inflammation or even from unknown causes.

If you are young and healthy and don’t notice again, you might not give it a second thought although it never hurts to mention symptoms like that to your doctor or nurse. If you have other symptoms such as painful or sore genitals, or if you have genital itching or discharge, I would encourage you to check in with your healthcare provider.


Men who are over 40 are generally advised to mention reddish semen to their healthcare provider, even if it seems fleeting. That’s because with age there is a greater risk of prostate problems or a range of cancers.

These are still quite rare and even middle aged and older men will usually find that bloody semen is not a sign of anything serious, but it’s a good idea to let a doctor or nurse know just in case so that they can screen for any infections or more serious problems.