Facts About Sperm

Here at Ododi we are dedicated to enlightenment and education in all matters sexual. And where would we be without some fun and interesting sperm facts?

So without further rambling, some interesting sperm related facts for you…

The consistency of your sperm is a great health check. Too thick and you might be coming down with the flu or be dehydrated. Drink a healthy amount of water for a few days and see if this changes. If this persists for more than a week or two, you should see your doctor in case it is related to a low testosterone level.

The power of your cum shot can vary depending on many factors, but the primary two factors are hydration and arousal. Spending more time enjoying the sensations of sex or masturbation will definitely increase power and amount. Many men use the practice of “edging” to increase both aspects, stopping when climax feels imminent, and resuming again once it has subsided.

If you don’t ejaculate, nothing bad will happen. Sperm doesn’t “build up”, it is simply reabsorbed into the body. There is no medical requirement to ejaculate regularly for health reasons, though recent research suggests that doing so helps your prostate to stay healthy.

Ingested substances affect the taste of your sperm. Red Meat, Coffee, Alcohol and medications can all alter the taste. It is suggested that regularly eating fruits and vegetables creates sweeter tasting sperm as a high quantity of fructose (a sugar found in fruit) is found in sperm. If you love honey you will be glad to hear this is a wonderful superfood to boost your sex life.

30 – 35% of your sperm is produced by the Prostate. Stimulation of the Prostate Gland directly can increase this amount and is often a direct factor in increasing ejaculation.

Your sperm should be an off-white or yellowy colour. If there is an obvious difference in colour, you should seek medical advice as this can indicate the presence of an STD. In most cases, an STD causing this symptom can be treated with antibiotics.

sperm is very nutritious. In the average offering there is 150 mg of protein and 11 mg of carbohydrates. So the next time your partner argues, give them that little fact!

sperm never runs out. You cannot ejaculate too often. While for most of us some time is needed to recover after ejaculation to enable another full ejaculation, many men can quite happily cum several times in an hour while seeing only a slight decrease in ejaculation.

The amount of ejaculate can be significantly increased in most men. Maintaining a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and giving up those bad vices like smoking and alcohol can all increase the amount you ejaculate within just a few days. Some men suggest that some supplements (such as Zinc, Protein, Vitamins and minerals) all increase your ejaculation. The use of toys such as a Prostate Massager have been proven to significantly increase your ejaculation.

Pre-cum is the clear and slippery substance secreted from the tip of the penis when in an excited state. The amount of pre-cum produced varies from male to male, but it is usually continuous during arousal. The purpose of this substance is to provide additional lubrication in preparation for, or during sex. Some men produce very little pre-cum. In such cases, lubricants can be used as a replacement.

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