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Sprays and Shines

Our shimmer sprays and cleaning solutions are specially designed to care for latex clothing and enhance visual appeal. Shining Spray provides a glossy wet look shine that lasts across multiple wears for sensually eye-catching latex outfits.

The gentle hypoallergenic formula moisturises and conditions too. Shine And Shines lifts residue and dust while nourishing suppleness, luster and durability. Both feature easy spray bottle application and formulas ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Keep your latex looking sexy night after night with these sprays made for fetish fashion. Shop our full range of vinyl and latex clothing care essentials.

  • Lasting Sparkle: Rimba Shining Spray provides intense shine to latex, PVC, rubber, and more for extended wear. Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested formula. Multiple sizes available.
  • Cleans and Conditions: Shine And Clean effectively removes residue, dust and light stains from latex clothing while moisturizing. Improves luster, suppleness and durability.
  • Simple Application: Spray liberally over latex garments and accessoires before or after use. Allow to dry completely. Reapply as needed for wet look gloss.
  • Safe Ingredients: Formulas avoid skin irritants. Rimba contains aqua, isopropyl alcohol, and more. Shine And Clean uses plant oils like jojoba and vitamin E.
  • Latex Gear: Ideal for ensembles like catsuits, dresses, clubwear, fetish attire, and more. Maintain the life of expensive latex.
  • On-The-Go: Portable small bottles fit in purses and travel bags. Refresh look of outfits between wearings or touch up mid-event.