Zizi Black Hole Tunnel Review

New to the Zizi family of Keepburning toys is the tunnel plug with the fitting name Black Hole. It’s a plug for unplugging your hole. Neat. You might ask what a tunnel plug is good for, seeing as butt plugs are all about – yes, plugging a hole. Well, it’s all about the feeling.


The Black Hole Tunnel looks like any other butt plug, although with an added twist. The core is hollow, and open from end to end while standard buttplugs are completely solid in their construction.

The Black Hole comes in two colors, clear and black and in a size that is called medium. This leads me to believe that there might be different sizes in the works. It is made out of TPR like the rest of the Zizi range. This means you should be careful as this is used for insertion. The material is porous, and can house bacteria and infections. If you boil TPR it can melt, so it’s really no easy option of sterilizing it. Therefore, do not share these toys. TPR is regarded as body safe and hypo allergenic as it does not contain any toxic chemicals like phthalates. The material is odor free and does not hold on to other smells which is good.

The plug is relatively big. It measures 13cm in total length, 7.5cm insertable, 18cm in circumference around the bulb and 14cm in circumference around the neck. The hole has a diameter of approx 3.5cm.


Zizi Tunnels come in a simple cellophane bag that’s sealed by a Zizi sticker. It’s a nice and simple way to present the toys while keeping them safe. Waste is also minimal with a packaging like this. Below is a shot of what it looks like. Also a peek on the clear tunnel.


The toy is completely smooth and shiny when new. But as soon as it is exposed to friction the surface becomes matte. I have no idea why this happens but at least you know if your plug has been used. It’s tamper evident in other words, same as the Zizi Rings. The surface is only broken up by a small almost unnoticeable seam from manufacturing.

The tunnel is quite pliable and squishy, although the bulbous head is surprisingly firm. This helps it from collapsing on insertion. Speaking of insertion.. It’s a pain. The plug is very blunt and it does not help at all to ease insertion. It requires warm up, and a lot of lube and time to get it inserted properly. This is by no means a toy you would want to rush. The insertable end is slightly rough and scratchy feeling and this adds to the take it slow part. Once it is pushed past the sphincter it does slide in by itself. I find the neck to be just the right size to keep things comfortable. The base of the plug is great. The shape is unusual – shaped like a leaf. It fits well between the cheeks and does not feel like it’s in the way.

Zizi Black Hole Tunnel

So once it’s in, I notice the unusual feeling of being open and still feeling full. It does not feel uncomfortable at all, a bit airy perhaps. But it isn’t much different from using a normal butt plug. It stays anchored inside the body well and there is no real threat of it sliding out by itself.

Some might enjoy the sense of lost control, because you can’t really clench you muscles to close the hole with this thing in. But this does not mean that this plug opens up a black void. It just offers a peak into the internal tissue (which by the way is normally compressed and not an open tunnel). Of course I did my research for other uses. And while this isn’t for everyone I found that some may like the visual, watersports or filling with other fluids (like cum lube!), medical play or even use it for cleaning/enema purposes.


To maintain your Black Hole Tunnel all you need to do is wash with antibacterial soap or toy cleaner and warm water. It couldn’t be easier. It does however attract lint and dust, so I suggest keeping it in a storage bag.


This anal toy is definitely is not for everyone. You have to be open to an unusual sensation and the loss of control of you sphincter. It also is on the larger side and is not suitable for beginners. Other than that though, it’s a great tunnel plug. I simply wish it was a bit easier to insert with a bit more rounded end, and less rough around the edges. The overall shape feels great once its in place. Had it been silicone I’d given it the green light for material safety as well. This is a toy that is only limited by your own fantasies and preferences.

As with any other tunnel I would not recommend wearing this for a prolonged period. It does expose sensitive tissue that’s not really used to being out in the open to air.