YES Water Based Intimate Lubricant Review

I have always been curious over the YES product line. Hearing that they are an organic product and help your body, I just had to get my mitts on these. So, when I was asked by YES to review their Water Based Intimate Lubricant, I jumped at the chance!

From the start of trying to attempt this review, it was a bit of a shaboogle on my behalf.


At first, I misplaced my parcel, even before opening it. Turns out that I placed my goodies box on-top of the meter cabinet. Don’t worry, after pulling my hair out for an hour, I found my parcel. Then I was able to get down to the nitty gritty of reviewing my box of lubricants from YES!

Then placing my box of lubricants for safe keeping, I lost the box! Searching high and low, I was in a tizz and had no clue where it had gone. It only took me 6 days to finally stumble across my safe stash of lubricants. They were hiding in my shoe cupboard!

Learning a valid lesson, of knowing where I have placed my sex goodies, is now firmly noted.

Back to my review: YES pride themselves on using natural materials for their products. Plus YES are a planet-friendly company, who use recyclable packaging for their products.

Their Water based lube is a natural silky gel, which feels cool when it hits the skin. It doesn’t feel slimy and it does not leave an oily residue on my favourite sex toys, after being applied. In fact, this lubricant left my skin feeling soft, fresh and somewhat awakened.

YES claim that their water-based lubricant is:

pH balanced for the vagina
Rapidly relieves dryness & discomfort
Is condom compatible
Is recommended by Gynaecologists

Personally, I do have some dryness ‘down there’, since having my 2nd child and was actually recommended by my local chemist, to try out YES products. Although they are not stocked there, the assistant had informed me that she had been using this lubricant for a while and to give it a go. She wasn’t wrong at all! I have been using the YES water-based lube for approx. 1 week and I can already notice a big difference in how my vagina feels. No more dryness or discomfort for me!

This water-based lubricant contains: Aqua (water), Aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder (Aloe Vera), Linum usitatissimum Seed extract, Cyamopsis tetragonolobus (Guar gum), Ceratonia siliqua (Locust bean gum), Xanthan Gum, Sodium Chloride, Potassium sorbate, Citric acid, Phenoxyethanol.

After looking at these ingredients, it makes me wish I took advanced chemistry and biology at school! But do not fear, I will explain what these are.

Ceratonia siliqua – This is a species of ever-green shrub in the pea family, Fabaceae.
Cyamopsis tetragonolobus – Known as ‘Guar’ or ‘cluster bean’. It is part of the Fabaceae family & grown in areas such as India and Africa.
Linum usitatissimum – Flax seed or more commonly known as linseed.

As you can see, YES have used as many natural ingredients, as they can, to produce a high quality lubricant. Not only for sexual pleasure but for healthy well being too. You will not find ingredients such as parabens, glycerine, hormones or known skin irritants, within YES products.

I have been supplied with a 75ml bottle of the YES water-based lubricant, which is priced at £9.99 GBP. You can purchase other sizes, this lube comes in 25ml, 125ml and applicator sizes. Obviously, they all have separate RRP’s but I do feel that £9.99 GBP for a 75ml bottle is fairly priced. The bottle actually seems bigger than it is supposed to look an a drop the size of 1 cm, does go pretty far in usage.

YES have thought hard about their packaging, these lubes wouldn’t look out of place next to moisturizers in boots or super-drugs or in your average chemists. To me, this shows that YES have their customer’s discretion in the right place.

I would highly recommend the YES range of lubricants to my readers, it really does leave a long lasting effect on the body, for all the good reasons.