What made you think about trying sex toys for the first time?

Are you new to the the world of sex toys or are you a toy guru. Can you remember the first time you had the idea to buy and use adult toys. Most of will remember why and a lot of the time it is through curiosity. Personally I never had the urge to try out anything until I was invited to a Ann Summers party some years ago. When I arrived the host was happily passing round some of the most weirdest vibrating objects I had ever seen, at first my first thought was no way do I need any of that I have a great sex life. But then I started to wonder what experience I would get to try them out. I decided to buy a few objects which included a rabbit vibrator, massage oil and penis ring.

That evening I told my partner, who was quite shocked to hear I wanted to try adult toys.  When the products arrived me and my partner had hours and hours of fun, and I couldn’t believe I had waited this long to experience the level of orgasms they give.

It got me thinking that a lot of people I know had the wrong idea about sex toys, they are not just for someone who has not got a healthy sex life, sex toys can improve absolutely any bodies sexual health whether that is for solo use or with a lover. And with the amount of different types on the market it caters for all needs.

I can’t talk for everyone here but I’m not the type of person who can walk into a sex shop and start asking advice on the best sex toy for probing my g-spot, so I wanted to be able to shop online discreetly. This is where I found that it wasn’t just Ann Summers that sold sex toys but so many other companies. Shopping online could not be easier and it makes sense if you are buying a toy for both couples to sit and discuss the product privately before you purchase. Plus if you know the type of product you are looking for websites can easily navigate you to where you want to be.

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Choosing Your First Sex Toy