Totally Discreet Self Pleasure Tips

discreet self pleasure

Discreet self pleasure tips

Who doesn’t love to spend some quality one on one time exploring desires, wants and needs? Masturbation is a fantastic mood booster and a stress buster too so there really is no better way to spend your alone time. However, while many of us enjoy this self-pleasure, we don’t want other people to know what we’re up to, and that’s okay. You don’t have to shout about it or share your personal activities with your friends if you don’t want to.

So today we’re going to be sharing some excellent tips on how to make sure self-loving remains private and yours alone.

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Hush the Buzz

If you live in shared accommodation you’re probably a bit cautious about buying yourself a noisy sex toy. Many vibrators can be loud and the last thing you want is to hear your flatmates giggling as they walk past your door. You can avoid this buy choosing quiet or non-vibrating toys. Classic dildos can be discreet and don’t make any noise – all you need to worry about is muffling your own moans.

Fun in the Bathroom

For many of us, the bathroom is the only room in the home that has a lock on it. The bathroom is the ideal space for some self-loving and you can be sure that your privacy cannot be invaded. Light a few candles, pop on your favourite album and have some fun in the tub with waterproof sex toys.

Treat Yourself to a Massage with a Dash of OH YES!

Not all sex toys are phallic in design, some are a lot more subtle. Take the Rocks Off Hand Held Body Massager for example. It can be used on every inch of the body, yes, every inch, but if the nosey children or flatmates came across it they wouldn’t suspect it was a traditional sex toy.

Rocks Off Feranti Hoopla Sensual Massager

Take Advantage of Alone Time

Your flatmates have gone out, you could do the washing up or catch up with your favourite show but we recommend putting your own needs first. You’re home alone, it’s the perfect time to strip off and give your body the attention it’s craving. No one can hear you, no one is going to interrupt – just remember to set your phone to silent before you begin, or better still, turn it off.

Don’t forget we package all our packages discreetly, so you can order from us and not worry about what the postman is going to think!