The SportSheets Neck And Wrist Restraints Review

I have a complicated relationship with bondage.

Bindings, of any kind, require a certain amount of trust, intimacy, and communication between those involved. If you don’t trust the person that is putting cuffs or restraints on you then you just don’t do it. End of story.

That being said, there are certain degrees of restraints and certain varieties too.

You can get your hardcore, metal, badass bitch handcuffs and restraints. You can get super diverse flexible ones. And, of course, you can get safer, more precautious ones.

The SportSheets Neck And Wrist Restraints are definitely on the safer side and this is a very reassuring thing for anyone interested in dabbling in restraint systems. However, don’t underestimate this bad boy of a restraint system.

What’s great about the SportSheets Neck And Wrist Restraints system is that it is a myriad of things. Tame yet intimidating. Safe yet striking. Straightforward but intricate.

Those are many of the good elements that you can expect from the SportSheets Neck And Wrist Restraints but is that all there is to this system?

Of course not! So let’s dive in to the review.

The SportSheets Neck And Wrist Restraints

The SportSheets Neck And Wrist Restraints is a bondage restraint system that is designed, first and foremost, for putting both the neck and wrist in to a constricted position. In doing this there are a few things you can play with.

A central strip with D-rings is provided, alongside a collar and two cuffs. With this you can use that central section to have someone cuffed at the front of their body or you can twizzle things around to have them constrained with their hands behind their back. This means that you can have a play session with varying degrees of access and freedom for the bound playmate and, hey, you can even switch it around halfway through too.

SportSheets Neck And Wrist Restraints

The restraints themselves are made from a mixture of polypropylene, neoprene and polyester. There is only 4% polyester in the entire restraint system, whereas the polypropylene and neoprene take up much more of the material composition.

This leads to a restraint system that is soft on the skin, malleable, has a bit of stretch to it, and won’t feel majorly firm and/or uncomfortable during use.

The rings used for this restraint system are made from nickel and this is something that people with nickel allergies will need to be aware of before making the plunge with this system but, at £26.99 for the restraints you’re looking at one hell of a bargain in terms of play opportunities for the amount that you pay.

In terms of packaging the SportSheets Neck And Wrist Restraints come in a cardboard box (nice and eco friendly) and are packaged inside in a plastic sealed bag (less eco friendly). It’s very easy to whip this restraint system out of the box and use it pretty much strait away although, if you’re hygiene aware, you might want to give them a little wash with a damp cloth first (being careful of the nickel D-rings).

But what’s really great about this restraint system is that it doesn’t just offer a front/back option.

Each of the sections provided are independent from each other and can be connected via a clip system. This means that, should you choose, you can have just the cuffs on, just the collars, the cuffs and collars without the central strip, or any variation of the rig.

It’s always amazing when a restraint system gives you such choices and I have, on more than one occasion, just used the cuffs or rocked the collar and left it there.

In terms of positioning, because there are multiple D-rings on the SportSheets Neck And Wrist Restraints you can use it on most individuals, male and female, as long as their personal flexibility allows. Word to the wise, though – trying to adjust the back position of this restraint rig without outside assistance is an absolute bugger unless you possess an impressive degree of flexibility.

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Play how you want.

Thankfully all of the systems with this restraint are either done via clips or really easily strapped up Velcro. This doesn’t just make self-application a breeze but also means that, at any point, you’re 100% safe. Most people can break out of a Velcro bind if need be, or easily remove Velcro if things go wrong and some form of assistance is required.

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This is why the SportSheets Neck And Wrist Restraints is so beginner-friendly; it offers the illusion of dominance without ever having to give control away 100%. It also means that you can easily whip the restraints off and throw yourself in to further sexual actions if things progress during your play session. Having done this myself with a partner I have to say that I appreciated this type of freedom from the SportSheets Neck And Wrist Restraints.

Alas, the SportSheets Neck And Wrist Restraints is not perfect and there’s one main gripe I have with it.

The collar offered with the SportSheets Neck And Wrist Restraints is chunky in terms of width. This means that for some users (such as myself) it can look really awkward, puff up the face, and generally look unflattering. It can also feel rather uncomfortable on those with shorter necks, and not in a good way.

The materials used can also react quite badly with sweat and can feel really clammy and uncomfortable during prolonged use, so this is a restraint system that doesn’t fair well in hot climates or on really muggy days (of which the UK has had a lot recently).

If you don’t sweat much and have either an elegantly long neck or a male one (the collar seems more suited for male-bodied use) then you won’t have to worry about these things. If you’re not in these categories, however, then you might need to consider things a little bit further in terms of comfort and personal preference.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the SportSheets Neck And Wrist Restraints is a great restraint system that, in a wonderful paradox, offers an extreme amount of freedom and personal exploration.

If you’re apprehensive about BDSM but want to try it then I highly recommend this system, or anything by SportSheets really. These products are so accommodating and friendly to entry level users that I rarely find much to fault them on.

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The faults of this system are worthy of consideration but they’re not a deal breaker, unless you really, really hate the idea of a chunky collar in terms of width.

Otherwise, this system is comfortable, accommodating, and very flexible, check out our Guide to Restraints for more info.

I urge you to have fun with it.

Recommend to:

People who like exploratory restraints.

People who want gentle restraints.

People who like gender-inclusive restraints.

Do Not Recommend to:

People with nickel allergies.

People who dislike the material.

People who dislike chunky collars.

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