The O-WAND: Is it the Ultimate in Luxury?

I was skeptical when O-WAND reached out to me to review their flagship product. When a toy is priced over £199, my finely tuned reviewer’s sense tingles. High quality materials and designs aren’t always cheap and I know that. But when a company crosses the £199 threshold, they’re putting themselves squarely in luxury territory. A luxury price needs to deliver a luxury product.

O-WAND Aesthetics

The base O-Wand is really quite pretty, and while rose gold may be ~trendy~, I think it looks much nicer here than straight-up gold or silver would. In person, the wand looks and feels solid, like a well-made product should. While solid, the O-WAND is actually considerably lighter than I expected it to be, but it still weighs a hefty .7kg / 1.5lb.

The silicone is nice and satiny; it isn’t particularly wont to pick up dust, lint, or animal hair. If you look very, very closely, you can see a seam, but it’s very faint and I never noticed it while I was actually using the wand.

You may be looking at the grip and wondering how it’s designed to be held. I wondered the same thing. I find it most natural to hold the wand with the head facing down, my hand through the opening, palm facing my belly so it’s wrapped around the thicker part of the handle. It’s considerably different from how I grip most of my vibes, but it’s also fairly comfortable and ergonomic.

I really think that a lot of attention to detail went into the creation of this wand, and I say that as someone who has worked in toy design. (In fact, the O-WAND recently won two Red Dot Awards.)

Ok, But How’s it Work?

First of all, the O-WAND is powerful. Like many magic wand style vibrators, it does lean a little bit buzzy on its higher settings, but it is strong. I don’t own any other rechargeable wands that rival the O-WAND1.

It’s also waterproof, which is a rarity among wands. I cannot think of another wand off the top of my head that is powerful, cordless, and waterproof.

On its fourth (and highest) straight vibration setting, it’s roughly equivalent to the 3rd setting on the classic DOXY wand. The O-WAND’s first two settings are rumblier than its 3rd and 4th settings, but they are not as rumbly as the lowest 2 DOXY settings.

Because the O-WAND is so powerful and somewhat large, it transmits vibrations really nicely through dildos. If I’m using something like the Godemiche Ambit, I end up feeling vibrations not just on my clit but all the way up through my G-spot. Plus, the silicone head on the O-WAND is no danger to the silicone of my Ambit — I don’t have to worry about material incompatibility.

As a back and neck massager, the O-WAND excels. Its bent handle means it’s far easier to reach your own back and apply pressure, which is something that’s ultra-important to me. As someone with chronic muscle soreness from a pathological inability to relax, my wands get just as much use as massagers as they do as sex toys.

Here’s my main gripe: Using it clitorally feels a bit clumsy, but that might be because the toy to human ratio is so damn high. I’m 4’11” and teeny. I have the smallest adult hands I have ever seen on anyone. I could probably live comfortably in a Hobbit hole. …Anyway, if you’re anywhere close to average adult size, this probably won’t be as much of an issue for you.

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Let’s Talk Attachments

There’s one included with every O-WAND called the O-BURST, and there are three more available for purchase separately. Each attachment is priced at £24.99, which is a bit steep. But if you already own wand attachments for a DOXY or a Magic Wand, you’ll be able to use them with the O-WAND. For example, my Vixen Gee Whiz, which is made for standard wand heads, fits perfectly.

I have both the included O-BURST and the O-LA-LA. The O-BURST is the one that’s covered in uniform bumps (upper left corner of the photo above), and the O-LA-LA (the one I’m touching in the photo above) has three different zones designed to provide three kinds of stimulation.

The top of the O-LA-LA is a raised target or bullseye pattern. One side features raised dots, also in a bullseye pattern. But the most interesting feature of the O-LA-LA is what I’m going to call the Clit Cubby. It’s the protrusion that I’m holding between my thumb and index finger in the photo, and it’s designed to surround the clit and provide stimulation to both the clit and the inner labia.

The attachments themselves are thin but they feel sturdy and well-made. As a result, they conduct vibration very, very well, and I don’t feel that a great deal of power is lost by popping them on. Switching among the plain, smooth head and both attachments, I found that I actually did prefer using the O-WAND with its attachments. I loved the O-BURST attachment for texture and slightly more concentrated, pinpoint vibrations (albeit with multiple pinpoints), and the O-LA-LA’s clit cubby was what eventually brought me to a pretty stellar orgasm.

The Verdict: Both the O-BURST and the O-LA-LA feel fantastic, but I just don’t see myself using any part of the O-LA-LA that isn’t the clit cubby.

The Bottom Line

The O-WAND brings some of the best features of the best wands on the market into one luxury package. It has a bent, ergonomic handle. It’s cordless. It’s powerful, and downright rumbly on the lower speeds. Existing wand attachments fit the head of the O-WAND, and they’ve created new attachments to fill market gaps. It’s made of a satiny silicone and body-safe plastic. It’s much lighter than you’d expect. And, of course, it’s waterproof. All of that comes at a luxury price, but they are providing you with a legitimately luxurious product.

This is one of the only times where I’ve looked at a high price tag and thought, “You know, yeah, that actually makes sense.” It isn’t some Jimmy Jane Little Platinum bullshit — this is the real deal.


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