The Minx Review

The Minx is not only a satisfying bedroom toy but also a stunning piece of art work, brought to the market by the truly inspiring ShiriZinn.

Shiri Zinn is a Postgraduate of the Central Saint Martin’s School of Fashion (CMS), with 10 years of studying under her belt, she sure does bring her own style into her products. With past students such as Sade, Jeff Banks, MIA and Glen Matlock of the CMS, you just know that Shiri Zinn is bursting with unique designs that are set to challenge today’s ‘sex toy market’.

What is acceptable? What is not? Is there a defined outline in the sex industry? If there is, then Shiri has surpassed the ‘norm’ and is propelling towards a more sexually alluring direction.


I have kindly been given the opportunity to review a Shiri Zinn product, the Minx. When the Minx arrived, it was packed well and was delivered as a tracked/signed for item. For couture product, having it arrive as securely as possible, was very relieving. It was wrapped and packed well in a cardboard box, with protective packaging inside. There was no evidence on the outside of the parcel to show that this delivery came from a sex/adult product company. So if you are after discreet, then Shiri Zinn will definitely give you this.

The Minx comes in its own patent snake skin designer box, with gold leaf lettering ‘Shiri Zinn’ written on the front, with a pink love heart. Opening the box, I was greeted with a red satin lining, which seemed to gently comfort the Minx in its casing.The Minx comes in other colours; baby pink (click here), limited edition black (not in stock), and also as a limited edition solid glass version with sterling silver stand. Please visit Shiri Zinn’s website, for more information on the Minx and other products in her line ( this review, I was sent the RedMinx. It’s made from a strong body of safe polycarbonate highly polished plastic, with a red shaft and black end cap (which is removable). At the tail end, there is a stainless steel end cap that homes 12 Swarovski crystals and a red marabou feathered tail. The Minx also comes in soft pink with 12 pink Swarovski crystals and matching pink tail.The Minx is body safe, non-porous and latex free.

To use the Minx, simply twist the black cap clockwise and you will start to feel the slow end of the vibration, twist further till you cannot twist anymore and you will reach the strongest vibration. To turn the Minx off, turn the black cap anti clockwise. When in full vibration mode, the Minx is practically silent, yes you can hear the vibrations if you hold the product up to your ear but there is no worry of anyone outside of your duvet, let alone your bedroom, hearing this toy when in use. So, yes, I would place the Minx in the silent category.

The Minx takes 2 x C cell batteries. Duracell brand is advised with this product as 1) it’s not rechargeable and Duracell lasts longer, and 2) Duracell C batteries keep this vibrator silent as they are 0.5 mm thicker than other C types and thus don’t rattle. Keep the wax paper provided wrapped around the batteries for the most silent effect.

Measurements:Shaft length : 6.10″
Insertion length: 4.8″
Girth (widest): 5.5″
Width (widest): 1.9″
Tail: 11.1″

Holding the Minx, it has a bit of weight to it but once you remove the 2 x C batteries, the Minx is pretty much as light as a feather. To touch, the shaft is smooth; it has a sleek complexion and oozes sanctification. I’ve only really had experience with average store brands or named brands such as LELO, so to be able to even hold a couture piece, like the Minx, is an amazing feeling. The feathered tail is soft to the touch and I couldn’t stop stroking it.

For a moment I forgot that this 1920’s vintage looking Minx was actually sex toy! The Minx certainly does please the senses, from the moment you remove it from its casing to the second you start to use it for your pleasure. Shiri Zinn really has hit the nail on the head by combining her knowledge in fashion, art and design! You can remove the tail end so that when you are using this lavish vibrator you can tantalize your body with gentle touches from the tail.I found that to use, the Minx has a smooth surface to it, so I only needed a small bit of water-proof lubricant. It does have a hefty girth at the widest end but with a little foreplay it shouldn’t be an issue to slip it fully in. The ridges that run up the shaft give the Minx the added bonus of sensual feeling when in use.

I really did like the feel of this vibrator when in use. Its vibrations trickle throughout the shaft and you can feel every movement. It also has a fair bit of power behind it, which I have not really felt in previous tested sex toys!

To clean, as long as you remove the tail, it is splash proof. BUT do not submerge this product or wet the black cap seam section near the thickest end or you will ruin it. Hot soapy water or a sex toy cleaner used till about 1 inch before the black cap will do the trick. At the thick black cap end this toy becomes a stopper and most would not insert the toy this deep anyhow.The RRP for the Minx is £89.00 GBP, which I feel is a very decent price. When you compare this to top end internet names you really are getting a damn good deal! For a product that is this great in quality, with its own storage case unique to Shiri Zinn, you could have been looking at £150.00 GBP in an alternative universe!I recently found out there is also a glass limited edition version of the Minx style with a price tag that’s over £1000. But then again, if you have the money and you want something that defies the average sex toy, why not splash out!

In fact, known names such as Kate Moss or our very own home-grown “Baby Spice” (Emma Bunton), Angelina Jolie and the late Benazir Bhutto (RIP) all own a little piece of Shiri Zinn’s heaven.Shiri Zinn captures the erotic couture aspect very well. Not only is the Minx a good sex toy but it is a couture one; one that you won’t get just anywhere and a bargain at that!I would suggest the Shiri Zinn Minx to first time sex toy users and everyone else. This really is a unique product that is not only pleasing to the eye but very pleasing under the sheets!