Tantus Slow Drive Review

Tantus is digging in the vault and out comes an old classic. Namely the Tantus Faerie. It has gotten a slight redesign with a new base and a name change as well. Curved for prostate stimulation and made to work perfectly in a harness.

The Slow Drive is a simple classic dildo, which is available in two sizes and three colors; Purple, silver and black. All three colors are iridescent. The only difference between the two sizes is length, which makes this a great beginner piece. It’s of course made in Tantus silicone, which is firm and completely smooth and the surface sparkles with glossiness. This is (as you know) a great thing because silicone is tough as hell, perfectly body safe and very easy to use and maintain.

I love a dildo that is easy to use, and this is especially so. The slim profile coupled with a gently tapered rounded tip makes insertion super easy. And the lack of texture makes it smooth sailing all the way. As a sex toy for men, The Slow Drive’s most striking aspect, the heavy curve means it is great for prostate stimulation, but as the curve is so steep it tends to turn around inside the butt if it’s not held firmly in place. It ends up with the back of the bend is stroking over the prostate.

Tantus Slow Drive

If this is used in a harness the problem would probably be less prominent as the toy is held in place. This is also where the teardrop shaped base comes into play. It stabilizes the toy while still being comfortable.

So, how does it all feel you ask? Comfortable, I think is the correct description. It does not produce waves of intense pleasure with bells and whistles texture or crazy designs. It it just a simple dildo that is very comfortable to use, and one that would be great for everyone. It is a bit difficult to use it with the hook facing the prostate because it tends to turn around to follow the natural curves of the rectum. But if guided properly – it does grab onto that prostate, and it can be VERY intense, almost so much so that I don’t mind it turning around and relieving some of the pressure for a gentler kind of stimulation. Don’t get me wrong, it feels great and I really like the ability to use it in different ways. But it is a slight annoyance.

Tantus Slow Drive Long

The long version of the Slow Drive is a bit trickier to deal with. While the length is always welcome, it is sometimes difficult to insert the whole toy with it pointing towards the prostate. The other way around though, is pretty straight forward. I prefer the small one, just because it is really all the length needed for targeted prostate stimulation. No matter which one you choose you’ll get a great little toy.

It might not be fair to say; it does feel a bit underwhelming compared to some of the more advanced Tantus toys, because well yeah, it is a toned down straight forward thing. I imagine many people will love it, especially if you are still exploring. And that is a great thing!