Sex in public – what’s the worst that could happen?

When it comes to sex, where have you had the riskiest encounters? this couple who were jailed for having sex openly in a bus shelter, may be an outlier, but most people who have been somewhat adventurous have run the danger of getting caught.

Demelza Lentell and Jamie Lynn, a drunken couple, were spotted having sex in public by residents of Penzance, Cornwall.
Despite their claims that they were both so intoxicated that they couldn’t remember what they were doing, witnesses were able to get a clear image of the situation.

Anyone who braves the British weather for an outdoor sex session is definitely more courageous than the average person, and perhaps the court agrees.
In spite of being accused of ‘outraging public morality,’ the pair was acquitted of any criminal charges.

But it got us thinking about the worst places to have sex — even if a bus stop is a low bar in terms of romance.

Sex In a car

Make out sessions in the backseat of a taxi or a quiet moment with the person who’s driving you home aren’t out of the question.
If you’re in a rural layby and a police officer knocks on your window, don’t be alarmed.

Actress Gillian Taylforth was famously caught with her fiancee in a lay by.

That didn’t stop the cops from meddling in what they felt was an intimate moment between the pair, despite their denials.

Private property is the finest place to have an impulsive moment, as opposed to public property.
Is your acquaintance a homeowner with a large property and a lengthy driveway?
Possibly, that’s the best option.
Also, remember to turn off the engine and stay away of the handbrake.
When you realise you’re going downhill, it’s impossible to remain positive…

Sex In a country where it’s illegal

The fact that a couple in Dubai was jailed for three months after having sex on a beach in Dubai utterly overshadows any lingering concerns about sand.
Sex outside of marriage is prohibited in the country’s severe public decency regulations.

When confronted with the allegations, the couple insisted they weren’t having sex at all, but rather just cuddling and kissing.
They were both sentenced to three months in jail for their crimes, but it didn’t stop the judge from doing so.

If you’re on a trip to a new nation and don’t know the local rules, it’s best to keep your personal items in your hotel room – just make sure you don’t get in trouble!


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