Rouge Garments Suede Eye Mask Review

They say when you remove one sense, others magnify, which makes an experience that much more thrilling. This can be said about wearing blindfolds and eye masks, during frisky moments.


The Rouge Garments Eye mask is made from 100% real suede, with a yellow gold buckle and it is also a padded eye mask.

Upon setting my manicure nails on such a fine piece of art, I was in awe at the quality of this product. There is nothing cheap looking or feeling about this eye mask, it’s delicate looking, soft against the skin and radiates pure delicacy.

The eye pads are padded, which helps to keep your peep holes clueless to what is occurring. The only time I could see, was when I titled my head right back but I would assume this is the case with most eye masks and blindfolds, unless they were strapped down to your face.

It feels comfortable when worn, although it might be a squeeze for some. Te buckle side of the straps Rouge Garments eye mask measures 6″ and the buckle hole side measures 9.8″. The eye mask part is 12″ in length, making the full length of this eye mask 27.8″. The width of the widest part of the eye mask is 4″, so covers a fair part of the face.

This Fifty Shades Hotter accessory comes in purple suede and black suede.

You are looking at an RRP of £32.00 GBP, which I think for a product of such high quality is worth those extra pennies. Definitely an excellent accessory to use as a couple or with surprising your partner with. Paired with a sexy camise or babydoll lingerie item and some hot high heels, you’d be killing it with this Rouge Garment item.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is reading this review.