Rocks Off RO-150mm Slimline Bullet Review

The RO-150mm Slimline bullet was a new addition to the Rocks-Off family in 2011.

Rocks-Off are renowned for their bullet line of vibrators, they are also an award winning company with their latest accomplishment being that of their 2017 ETO awards for Best Pleasure Products Brand 2017, Best Male Sex Toy Product 2012 and Male Pleasure Product Of The Year 2017. So you can be assured that this RO 150mm slimline, isn’t going to be all talk and no play!

Rocks-Off have revamped their product packaging and I must say it is spectacular! Not only does the bullet’s packaging look stylish, classic and sturdy it also doubles as the toy’s storage. The packaging is made from cardboard, which is a woven texture on the outside. The box it’s self is black with a see-through plastic window that allows you to see the product. On the front of the box you can see the bullet’s model name and the company’s symbol and name. Flipping the box over, you are informed of what batteries this toy takes, 3 translations in Dutch, Spanish and French, explaining the bullet’s main features. There is a used by date for the batteries, which are included with this toy, on the back of the packaging too.

Opening the box up, there is a plastic insert, which is molded to the shape of the RO 150mm bullet, with the ‘Rocks-Off’ logo, branded around the plastic insert.

This packaging is far from tacky, I actually find it attractive to the eye. There is no ‘over marketing’ on the packaging, it’s simple, informative and acts as storage, keeping your toy clean and dust free. However, the packaging does not tell you what material this product is made from. As it’s a bullet, I doubt that would be 100% important but there should be something within the packaging on written on it, in my opinion. But my over all feelings of the new Rocks-Off packaging is good, much prefer this design over the previous design, it’s more ‘Eco-friendly’, being that it is made from recycled material.

The RO-150mm is made from a metallic plated ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) material which is body safe, phthalate/latex free and water proof. It is gold plated in color, smooth and lightweight.

Situated on the middle of the bullet is an engraved ‘RO-150mm Slimline’ title, along with the Rocks-Off heart logo.

There are 5 settings on this fabulous bullet; 2 vibrations and 3 pulsations. The pulses are all the same but go from a slow pulse > to a medium pulse > to a fast pulse. To operate, you just simply click the black button on the top end of the bullet and to move through the the settings, again just simply press the button once to move up. To switch the bullet off, hold the button down for 3 seconds.

The RO-150mm slim line takes 2 x 1.5v N size, which come with the product upon purchase. Don’t worry, although these batteries are smaller than a AAA, they are still easy to get hold of. Most supermarket stores should stock these batteries, if you are finding it hard to get your hands on them in a supermarket, you could try somewhere like Currys.

To clean, either soak the bullet in a bowl of hot soapy water or use an anti-bacterial toy cleaner. I would personally advise the LELO toy cleaner (click here), which you can purchase via Make sure that you get into the creases of the engraved badge area, when cleaning your bullet.

The RRP of the RO-150mm slimline bullet is approx. £19.99 GBP. I think this is a good price for a good quality toy and it’s very own storage box. Considering that in today’s market, there are some pretty shameful toys out there for the same price, you really are getting a bargain!


Length – 6″
Girth – 2.2″
Width – 0.7″

To use, I did like it. It’s slimline to ‘fit in all places’ but I really only preferred to use this bullet for clitoral stimulation. There is a speed for each ‘level’, so to speak. I liked the slimness of this toy, holding and maneuvering it, was very simple, no flaffing about it got the job done! Due to it’s length and slim build, it is a good little toy to add in as a clitoral stimulation during intercourse. He man even enjoying feeling the tips of the bullet’s vibrations on the shaft of his penis.

Rocks-Off had kindly sent me this slimline bullet to review on their behalf. Like always, Rocks-off are pleasant to deal with, helpful and prompt. Their postage is discreet, fast and reliable and their packaging is securely wrapped. A company as a whole, I have to say that I rate them pretty high, especially when it comes to their bullet selection.

I would happily recommend the RO-150mm slimline bullet to anyone who likes a good clitoral stimulation session before their main game. It isn’t as discreet as their smaller bullets but it is approx. the same size as a fountain pen, so you could get away with slipping it into your bag, in case you get caught out with your partner. At £19.99 GBP, it’s a complete steal!