Rocks Off Hand Solo Review

I am all for body safe male masturbators, and nothing beats silicone in this regard. That’s why a simple silicone masturbator combined with the iconic Rocks Off 60mm bullet seemed like a good idea. It looks pretty awesome in that electric blue color too.

As most Rocks Off products, Hand Solo is made in pure silicone and includes the RO 60mm bullet with 7 speeds. Everything is presented in a simple box with a window on the front that displays the toy very well. Nothing to keep around, but nice and simple.

The silicone is smooth and velvety, but very firm. The backside has a slight grip and a handle to keep the hand in place. The inside of the sleeve is covered in a plethora of small nubs. I have seen another model with a different texture, but it does not seem to exist anymore.

To begin with, Trying to smear lubricant on this thing is not the easiest thing, as it seeps in between the nubs and stays there.

The sleeve is held like a hot dog bun (or taco – take your pick). Basically in the same fashion as a for a normal wank. The thumb is used to keep the penis firmly in place. Because it adds quite a bit to the girth, it feels awkward and very tiering for the thumb. The handle is flimsy and does not provide much support at all.

The vibrations however does feel nice, even though the silicone does dampen the feel. The bullet is improved from my last time and now has more power and different speed settings. The second and third speed setting feels good, but even better with just the bullet and some lube. So it’s a safer bet to just get it by itself.


Cleaning and maintenance is pretty easy, but a brush is needed to clean the lube out of it. The bullet is water proof. It takes one N-battery and one battery gives a few hours of playtime. One battery is included in the package to get you started.


Rocks Off 7 Speed Hand Solo Vibrating Masturbator Dark Blue