Remote control wireless Hybrid Bullet Egg Review

I’ve always been interested in wireless controlled sex toys, mainly from the view of the control that one has over their partner. This bullet egg comes from the folks over at Nu Toys for Adults, who seem to specialise in wireless sex toys.

The Hybrid Bullet comes in a simple plastic see-through packaging, showing you the full product on display; 1 x remote control and 1 x bullet egg. It is made out of a PU plastic material (Polyurethane), it’s latex and phthalates free, non-porous and waterproof, although the remote control is not waterproof.


You are provided with 2 sets of 3 x LR44 batteries, 1 set is already within the egg and the other set are stored in the back of the product packaging. The remote control takes 1 x 27A battery, which is also included.

It has 10 modes; 3 vibrations of various speeds and 7 pulsations. To operate the bullet, there are 2 buttons on the remote control, press the on button, to switch through the modes, select the other button that has H10 written on it.

Measurements; 3″ x 3.15″

The bullet vibrator itself is rubber in texture and the remote has a silky smooth silicone type feel to it.

To use with a partner, it was fun but if I am honest, I really didn’t like the feel of the bullet’s material. I had to keep reapplying a water-based lubricant, every 5 minutes or so. I wouldn’t recommend using a silicone based lubricant, as I am pretty sure it could have a reaction with the PU material. Ododi’s website states that the remote control has a 10 meter range from the egg. We did test this and got to 8.4 meters, before the bullet had trouble picking up the remote’s requests.

I tested the validity of the egg bullet being waterproof. I tightened the battery lid up and dipped it in 4″ of water. I dried the bullet off, undid the battery compartment, to find that there had been a little bit of water that had got into the compartment. I dried this off and the bullet continued to work. But to me, this is a H&S issue, which needs to be addressed by NU, I do not know if it is a fault with the product’s water tight seal but I would like to point out that this is a product fault with what I had been sent, it shouldn’t affect other bullets in this range.

The Hybrid Bullet Egg, retails for £32.99 GBP’s. Would I pay that price for this product? My answer is No! If I am paying that amount, I would expect the bullet to be at least made from silicone, making it body safe.

What would I change about this? I would start off by changing the material from PU to silicone, then I would look at making the bullet slimmer, although it is a thick bullet, the end of it, sitting on the clitoris, does start to feel uncomfortable. And then there is the price;if NU want to keep it in the £30.00 range, then I would advise that the product is updated. BUT if they feel there is no issues with it, then I would say that going for a max of £20.00 GBP’s, would be more suited.

I really liked the thought of a wireless remote control bullet, it was fun to use but as a reviewer, sometimes you need to bite at the bit and be brutally honest. This product just isn’t my cup of tea.