Nexus Revo 2 Review

Nexus Revo 2 is among the most technically advanced in prostate massagers now a days. It comes in a similar model with an included remote, called Revo Stealth. Both of them stimulate the prostate with rotation.


Whats cool with Revo 2 is that it has a rotating head that bobs back and forth to stimulate the prostate. It has a simple vibrator in the base as well, for som external stimulation. Splash proof and rechargeable as well. That we can like.

The stimulator, the part that inserts into the body is relatively petite. It has that typical anal-shape, and a rounded and comfortable head. This is super easy to insert and it holds in place like a champion. The nubbed part is a perineum stimulator for light external stimulation. The functions consist of two rotation speeds that can combine with a steady vibration and one pulse mode. Everything is controlled by that one button on the underside of the base. The rotation is pretty slow, with about one full turn every 1-2 seconds.

Nexus Revo 2

Nexus Revo 2 is super comfortable, and the base aligns perfectly with the body. However it is not particularly friendly if you intend to be sitting. Lying down, it works great though.

The stimulation I get from this is mild, especially compared to my expectations. My thoughts had already wandered towards Fun Factory Stronic Zwei (review coming ASAP), which pulsates with some force. They can not really be compared. My butt is apparently made of steel, as the base is the part that rotates. It looks kinda silly. Against the prostate the movement is minimal and gentle. It feels good, but less than I would expect. Other reviewers are praising this, calling out for overwhelming sensations. I don’t get that.

Surprisingly it’s with the simple vibrator turned on I get the most out of this. Not that the vibrations are anything to praise, but they do travel well through the toy and targets the prostate well. They are pretty loud compared to their strength, and sounds like an electric razor with the added meow of the rotation.

Externally I don’t have much to add. It is pleasant, but not intensely stimulating. I do get a slight massage because of the base rotating all over the place.

To turn off the beast, I have to hold the button for two seconds or click through the entire function specter – Slow rotation, slow rotation + vibration, slow rotation + pulsation, fast rotation, fast rotation + vibration, fast rotation + pulsation and then finally off. It is pretty discreet if need be. But beware that the noise increase with every function. Keep the button pressed long enough to turn off, and not skip to the next function.


cleaning and maintenance is simple. The Nexus Revo 2 is made of silicone and ABS plastic, which is cleaned with soap and water. It can also be sanitized with sex toy cleaner or a bleach solution. This ensures the Nexus Revo 2 is hygienic, non porous, odor free and completely body safe. It should not be submerged in water as it is only splash proof. The battery is topped up with a magnetic USB charger similar to the ones Fun Factory use. It clicks into place by itself. Both the charger and the Revo 2 can be stored in the discrete cardboard box it came in. It is very sturdy.

Nexus Revo 2 Overall

Nexus deserves a small applause for thinking outside the box for us guys. It does not quite live up to the marketing hype regarding those “new orgasmic heights.” But it is incredibly comfortable and stimulates the prostate lightly with little effort. Much of the movement is transferred to the base while the internal arm is more or less held in place. It is still among the better prostate stimulators out there, but it needs a few more tweaks to get rid of the remaining gimmick factor. As an orgasm intensifier it works very well. Combined with other stimulation, it helps to make my orgasms feel deeper and last longer.

If you are able to grab it on sale, go for it! The full price may be a bit much to in order to overlook some of the small faults it has.