Lelo Tor Review

Luxury cock ring from Lelo’s Homme range. Vibrating, rechargeable and made of silicone.

The Lelo Tor is a vibrating cock ring for men. It has a sleek discrete design and comes in black and dark green. It is made of stretchy silicone and hard plastic. It comes with a charger and travel case. The battery will last for a couple of hours worth of playtime. It comes with several vibration modes and patterns as well as a travel lock.

Tor comes in a regular Lelo Homme packaging. A black super sturdy cardboard box covered with a sleeve featuring the Lelo logo and a delicate picture of the toy on the back. The box itself is very though and is well suited for storage. It provides you with a charger and a travel case to keep you ring safe and sound.

Lelo Tor Box

This ring is made of silicone and has a fairly tight fit. That being said it helps keep the blood in the penis for longer, keeping it harder while improving sensation. This size should fit all unless you are porn star size when it comes to girth. You are not able to comfortably fit it around both the shaft and balls.
For me it is a nice and snug fit. It comes in two parts, one smooth silicone ring and one slightly textured hard plastic vibrator. The two pieces slide together easily.

Lelo TorLelo Tor

The ring can be used as is or you can use the vibration function. The first charging seems to take forever so I left it overnight. When the ring is taking charge the LED light flashes to indicate so. The point is that the travel case doubles as the charging dock. You place the ring inside the case, lock it tight and connect the charger. However this does not work well. The charger needs a really snug fit in the charging port, and with the case it is just far too easy for the plug to disconnect and not provide any power. I find it is less hassle to drop the whole case. This should have been designed better. Clever idea but it does not perform very well in real life.

Lelo Sex Toy Range

On a full charge it delivers up to two hours of vibrations depending on the settings. And you have plenty of time to play. You have a steady vibe in three different intensities, and a variety of vibration patterns ranging from escalating to pulsating and random. It is very powerful for its size, and the vibrations travel through the shaft of the penis and stimulates both the giver and receiver. One thing I would point out it is that I wish it was a bit more quiet. Especially using the patterns during sex results in awkward beats – I don’t like that much.

The ring can be worn a couple of different ways. The vibrator on top of the shaft gives clitoral stimulation for the female receiver and the vibrator at the bottom stimulates the balls of the giver as well as the perineum of the male receiver. It can also be worn solo and works well. It intensifies orgasms and add a bit of variety to familiar masturbation.

It could even double as a solo clitoral stimulator, and should work well for this.

It is easy to use, but hard to control. The buttons require firm pressure and is difficult to use with lubricant all over the place. This however eliminates accidental button presses during intercourse.

Tor is not waterproof and you have to separate the vibrator from the silicone before cleaning. The silicone part is cleaned by soap and water, sex toy cleaner, bleach solution or rubbing alcohol. The vibrator on the other hand is simply wiped clean by a moist cloth and or sprayed with a small amount of sex toy cleaner. Watch out for the charger port as it is completely exposed.

Expensive, but possibly one of the best vibrating cock rings out there. Made of a high quality material and the design is masculine and delicate. The vibrations are really powerful – when at max, comparable to the Rocks Off 80mm. Perhaps a tiny bit less buzzy. You also get different pulsations which is nice. The included charger and storage case adds to the value of the toy. The fit is tight but it still allows for different sized equipment. It gives great stimulation for both but downside is that it is not waterproof. It comes in a super nice packaging perfect as gift for someone you love.

Edit: Lelo has released a new and improved version called Tor II. It is the same ring fully coated in silicone making it waterproof