Lelo Sona and Sona Cruise Feature Review

As I write this review Lelo currently have their Sona toys for sale on Ododi.com,

which means they’re available at a very reasonable price. As a result, I feel like one of those army sergeants on board a plane shortly before deployment. All I want to do is start yelling, “Alright, you lot, let’s get it moving!” “Go, Go, GO! Now!” says the narrator, urging you to take the plunge and purchase this toy while the price is still low.

Why am I so eager yet obviously price-conscious?

First and foremost, can you blame me? I grew up in a working-class family, and a bargain is a bargain no matter how you look at it.
Second, the sensations provided by the Lelo Sona are so unique that it’s difficult to say whether you’ll like them or not until you try them. Although, in most cases, I do not believe the purchase will be regretted.

The Lelo Sona

The Lelo Sona claims to be the first of its kind and although this isn’t strictly true, the design choices and overall execution of the Lelo Sona do help it stand out from similar devices and give it its own unique feel.


The Sona has a familiar appearance but acts differently (ish).

In an ironic twist, the Sona’s ‘unique’ feel makes it look almost identical to several suction-based clitoral stimulator sex toys on the market, but if you’ve ever seen or tried one of these and been dissatisfied, you can rest certain that Lelo is in a different league.

Vibrations are not used in any way by the Lelo Sona.
It also doesn’t employ suction, has air holes, or aims for anything involving the clitoris being lifted or emulating an oral sex toy producing a climax.

Instead, the Lelo Sona employs “gentle” sonic waves to essentially apply quick pattering sensations to the clitoris’ surface, resulting in feelings that can only be characterised as breathtakingly delightful.

These sonic waves don’t even work when the Lelo Sona is placed against the skin, as contact with such a solid surface area effectively halts the sonic waves’ up-and-down motion.
Only when the Lelo Sona is applied to the clitoris (or hovered over the surface, as I like) does its true potency become apparent, and wow, is it spectacular.
However, I’m getting ahead of myself.

The Lelo Sona features eight various settings to explore, and the patterns, intensities, and on/off function of the Sona are controlled via a three-button interface that is comfortably located on the Sona’s ergonomic surface.

The Sona is easy to control thanks to these buttons.

The Sona is largely made of ABS plastic (at the rear) and silicone (for the rest of the toy), thus it’s non-porous, phthalate-free, and fully safe to play with.
This silicone is the luxurious matte silicone that I’ve come to expect from Lelo, and it’s flawless.
Everything about the Sona is, in fact, gift-worthy, including its gift-worthy box, silky storage bag, warranty, UBS cable, complimentary lubrication, and waterproof construction.

The waterproof quality of this toy, in particular, makes cleaning the Sona a snap, which is a huge relief because the Sona’s nozzle would have been a nightmare to effectively sterilise otherwise.

The Sona is small enough to be held comfortably in one hand and navigated easily during dual-toy use and, theoretically, couples’ use. The Sona’s size makes it ideal for travel because it’s small and light. The Sona, thankfully, comes with a travel lock, making it incredibly convenient to carry with you on the road.

The Sona advertises itself as being whisper quiet, which is partially true. Sona is completely silent when it isn’t in contact with the skin, to the point where it may be mistaken for a fairly energetic cat purring. When applied to the body, however, certain adjustment noises can be heard, which range from a harsher rasping to the occasional odd squeak.

To be honest, that’s fairly amusing, although it does imply that you’d want a closed door between you and everyone else when using it. Still, for the power it gives, I’d say this is a fairly understated toy.

And for the time being, let’s talk about that power.


The Lelo Sona claims to stimulate 75 percent more clitoris than other sex toys on the market. because it uses sonic wave technology. I’m not sure about this claim, but I do know that all I have to do most of the time is hover this toy over my clitoris and allow it to softly (but quickly) tap against it to reach climaxes that have always resulted in my entire body tensing with joy.
My vocal chords, too, wanted to indicate their satisfaction, so I always let out an involuntary noise when the Sona reached its peak.
I’m sorry, but I can’t help myself.

For me, it’s that effective.

Although I’m generally a power queen, I’ve experimented with the Sona’s higher settings and, woah nelly!
They’re just too much for me. Thankfully, the Lelo Sona offers intensity levels for most tastes, and you may always choose to hold the toy lightly if you like.

But, of course, no toy is perfect, and the Lelo Sona has a definite ‘downside’ which I actually really appreciate.

Because the Sona is based on a movable plate, it will stop if you apply too much pressure to it. This means you could be enjoying your Sona when you realise you’ve held it too tight, causing it to stall.

I actually appreciate this since I like to slow or stop a toy as it reaches a climax, and the Sona essentially allows me to do so without pressing any buttons. Others will despise this encroachment on their ‘groove’ (to be extremely out-of-date with my jargon) of pleasure.

If you think this will be an issue for you, the Lelo Sona Cruise has a Cruise Control setting that can help.

In terms of additional drawbacks, there’s always the possibility that you won’t enjoy the feelings that the Lelo Sona gives, which is why I recommend buying now rather than waiting for full retail if you’re unsure. This is a great toy with exceptional effects in my experience, however it can be shocking if vibrations are all you’ve ever experienced.

Some folks will just loathe the Lelo Sona’s harsher nozzle and wish that the toy was more gentle in its application.
If this is you, I understand. If you know you prefer softer, squishier toys, you might want to pass on the Sona.

Final Thoughts

For a brief pause in sensible-mode, I recognise that the Lelo Sona isn’t for everyone. People may be held back by uncertainty and a lack of vibrations. Others may simply get sick of seeing the same generic sex toy design show up over and over again (even if the sensations are different).

However, I adore the Lelo Sona and find that it truly stimulates me in ways that vibrators simply cannot (at least not while also operating at some of their lowest intensities, like the Sona does when I use it).

I can’t help but be optimistic about this product, which I strongly suggest. I hope it can provide you with the same feelings it has given me.


Recommend to:

People who like new sensations.

People who like this toy design.

People looking for a sonic toy.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike sonic sensations.

People who dislike toys that can stop during use (get the Cruise).

People who dislike firm nozzles.

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