LELO INA Wave Review

Over the past few months, there has been an increase of new sex toy releases from the bigger brand names. Some times I am dubious over certain ‘claims’ of a sex toy, with promotional hype usually leaving a reviewer like myself, deflated. But in some instances, there are sex toys that aren’t hyped up to their full potential.

LELO this week, had announced their release of 2 brand new vibrators; INA wave and the MONA wave.

When I first started blogging about adult product reviews, LELO was the ‘in thing’ in sex toys. But I have come across a weak spot in their designs, with certain products that left me feeling faint heartened with future products. Could the LELO INA Wave change my mind?

Lelo Ina Wave Ocean Blue Vibrator

With the INA Wave, it is pretty much a redesign of the INA 2 vibrator but with added benefits. I have only had a fiddle about with the INA 2 in retail stores and not actually had the luxury of test running it but I’m pretty sure I know what I like and I understand how the LELO INA 2 works, to a degree.

The LELO INA Wave has a neat concept, where it’s bulbous shaft moves back and forth, imitating the movements of fingers on the female G-spot. This is a motion I have been let down by before with other rabbit style vibrators from lesser names. You couldn’t even feel the movements of the ‘flicking’ motion, when it came to the cheaper products but the INA Wave showed potential, when I had a play about with it’s settings.

The INA Wave is made from 100% medically graded smooth silicone, all over. There are no plastics or ABS parts, therefore making this vibrator non-porous, it does not contain any latex or phthalates, it’s 100% waterproof and body safe.

To clean, it is an easy job seeing as the INA Wave is waterproof. I would use warm soapy water, rub the INA down with a soapy cloth, rinse clean and let/pat dry. As an added precaution, I use a sex toy cleaner spray, as they are anti-bacterial.

The INA Measurements:

Length – 8″
Ear – 2.5″
Shaft length – 5.3″
Insertable length – 4.3″
Widest part – 4.6″
Slimmest part – 2.9″
Handle – 2″ x 1″

I am not a fan of rabbit style vibrators that have 2 ears, they tend to feel like a weaker version of torture and not in the good sense!

The INA Wave has 1 curbed prong that is solid but silky to the touch, it fits nicely against the clitoris. But please be aware that if you do not like pressure being applied to your clit, you may not like the feeling that the INA gives out. I say this, as the distance between the shaft and the ‘ear’ is less than a cm from the ear’s tip. Yes, it does flex back, so it can fit to the user but it does have a snug fit to it.

The shaft has a diagonal curve in it, that slips nicely into the vagina, with the tip resting on your G-spot with an effortless glide. I do recommend that you use a decent lubricant, when using this vibrator, as it is slightly on the bulky side.

The shaft thickens as it moves up, I would say it is the size of 2 fingers and a thumb placed together.

The LELO INA Wave has 10 different vibration modes, that you can move through by selecting the arrow down or up buttons. You can lower and raise the intensity of the vibrations by using the – and the + buttons. The operational part of the INA, is on the handle (which is white) and surrounds the on/off button.

Switching the INA Wave on, simply press the center ‘on’ button and to switch it off, select the same button and hold down for 3 seconds.

4 out of the 10 modes are unique; they replicate the flicking motion of fingers against the G-spot. I personally found that to orgasm via the G-spot, I need a constant speed and no slowing down or obviously stopping. The INA Wave gave me this constant. I could build up slowly and when I found my pace, I was able to apply the right feeling of pressure with the INA Wave. This left me in awe of the INA Wave’s ability to make squirting happen, like it was a walk in the park! But to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, I tried it over a period of 3 nights and it worked 2 out of those 3 nights, which I feel is good enough for me.

I really didn’t care for the rabbit single ear, although it was nice every so often, it did feel a bit to rough and hard, whilst using the g-spot mode.

I prefer using water-based lubricants as a personal preference and found that using a good dollop, saw to the ease of the INA slipping into my vagina, without that uncomfortable forced feeling.

Lelo Ina Purple Version 2 Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator

The LELO INA Wave comes with the following; 1 x satin storage bag 1 x white charger 1 x plastic warranty registration card 1 x user manual and 1 x sachet of lubricant.

I find that LELO has always packaged their products with class and elegance. The outer box is white with the INA Wave displayed on it and general information of the product, written on the box sides. Inside, you will pull out a black box, which homes the INA Wave (Note: this can also be used as storage). It’s the one constant of LELO, they know how to brand and package a product with style!

I do like that this vibrator is rechargeable, which means saving money on buying batteries that do not last long. It takes approx. 1hr to fully charge the LELO INA Wave, which gives you 2hrs play time.

You are looking at paying an RRP of £129.00 GBP, do I think this is a fair price? To be honest, I am on the fence about the RRP. Yes, the finger type motion does feel amazing, the product is of excellent quality BUT the ear just baffles me. I think if the INA Wave didn’t have that rabbit ear, I would say that the RRP could be justifiable.

Don’t get me wrong, just because I have taken a dislike to the rabbit ear part of the LELO INA Wave, doesn’t mean it won’t suit others, it’s just not a part of this sex toy that I like.

The ‘come-hither’ motion of the vibrator’s shaft, really is an intense feeling and possibly could help others in exploring their g-spot on their own. Thumbs up to LELO for this specific design on their g-spot toy play, it really did hit the nail on the head for me. If the INA Wave didn’t have that 1 ear, I maybe inclined to scream to everyone to purchase yourself one but I suppose the INA Wave is going to be like marmite to some; you either hate it or love it.

Lelo Ina Wave Purple Vibrator