How to care for your lingerie

Lingerie is delicate and should be stored, washed, and dried very carefully. Regardless of whether it’s made from silk, cotton, or lace, you’ll get a ton more use from your lingerie you can properly care for it. Knowing is half the battle, so let’s take a closer look and see just what you need to know when it comes to proper lingerie care.


After you’ve first worn your lingerie, you’ll want to make sure it’s fresh and ready for the next time you want to wear it. Start off by checking its labeling. You’ll generally find this on the seam. Make sure to pay close attention to whatever is on this label and follow its directions to a tee. We’ve made a great list of instructions but make sure to always follow the manufacturer’s advice first and foremost.

Is It Safe to Machine Wash?

There are many types of lingerie and lots of people who debate machine washing versus hand washing. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to hand wash if you want to get the most out of your lingerie. However, this does greatly depend on exactly what type of material is being used. As a rule, you will always want to hand wash corsets, basques, and bustiers.

If you do find yourself needing to machine wash your lingerie, take a close look at these tips to reduce the damage as much as possible.

– Separate colors. This may seem obvious, but it’s important to keep darks, lights, and colors separated throughout the washing cycle.
– Look at your washing machine for a delicate or wool setting. Keep the water on a very low temperature and use a very gentle spin cycle. Higher temperatures increase the likelihood of shrinkage.
– Make sure to keep delicate fabrics with only other delicate fabrics. Don’t throw your silk or lace in with a rough pair of jeans.
– Fasten hooks and eyes together to avoid them getting caught on the fabric itself.
– Use a pillow case or netting to give your garments an extra layer of protection before putting them in the machine. It’s very easy for the detailing to rip or get caught.

Hand Washing

Hand washing is hands down the best way to keep your lingerie in tip top condition. Here are a few tips:

– Never use hot water. Always use either cold or warm. Add just a little bit of a gentle detergent or even baby shampoo.
– Soak for a good ten minutes prior to gently rubbing out any dirty or stained areas. Rinse in cooler water until it becomes clear.
– For lace, make sure to use a stain remover first.


Here are some great tips for drying:

– Never use a tumble dryer, as that will break down the materials very quickly.
– Always allow lingerie to air dry. Do not wring it out. You can press it between towels to remove the excess water, but afterwards just lay it out to dry. The best way is drip drying on a line, but watch for peg marks.
– Avoid too much sun, as this can cause discoloration.