Hot Octopuss Pulse II (2) Solo Review

It feels like only yesterday I got the Hot Octopuss Pulse to review. It was a great male sex toy, and now it is all grown up. It’s larger, heavier and has turned gray. I have to say this Guybrator has aged quite nicely.


For those of you who are unfamiliar… Hot Octopuss is a new British toy manufacturer that focus on us guys. Their first product, the Pulse was a huge success and one of my favourite toys from that time. Now they are launching Pulse II Solo and Duo, and at the same time they are upping the game on inclusive and conscious marketing. Not only that, they are actively fighting the stigma surrounding male sex toys in general.

The Pulse II Solo is a hand-held vibrator that fits comfortably around the penis. It has an oscillating plate that delivers intense stimulation directly to the frenulum, which is the most sensitive spot on the penis itself. It’s made in glorious matte silicone and ABS plastic, making it body safe, hygienic and odour free. This time around it is also waterproof for easy cleaning and it offers different patterns for variation.

Pulse II Solo Packaging

Pulse II Solo comes in a metallic silver box, with discrete illustrations and overall tasteful design. Inside, it has a simple plastic tray which holds the Pulse II Solo and a USB charging cable inside a quality storage pouch. The package is easy on the eye, simple to recycle and does its job well.

When it comes to use, the Pulse II Solo isn’t much different from its predecessor. I can simply align my penis with the Pulse plate, that raised circle with the crown on it, and let the wings hold onto my penis – and let it do its thing. This way it can be used hands free, but i prefer to hold it so that I feel like I have control. Alternatively, I can add some lube and use it in a stroking motion for a different sensation. It has three ribs on the inside that will massage the shaft. These ridges have been toned down a bit from the original.

Pulse II Solo

The Pulse II Solo is one hell of a stimulator. It has nine intensity settings and all of those are deep and pounding. I usually settle for the lower levels and it has me going within a few minutes. If I want a more varied experience I can use the different patterns. There are five of those, and each are adjustable in intensity. When you change patterns, it remains on the same intensity as the previous one – so you won’t have to go up and down every time you change.

I can’t say I bother much with the patterns as the steady oscillation is perfect for me. I like having the choice. The controls are easy and straight forward. On the left side we find the power button, pressed down for a few seconds it turns the toy on and off. This button also changes the patterns. The right side has both a plus and minus button for controlling the intensity. The minus button also doubles as an off switch when held down at any moment.

Orgasms with Pulse II Solo are intense. Intense and they go out with extra waves of pleasure after. It is a great feeling, when you’re right on the edge and it is impossible to hold back because it just keeps on going. It feels very satisfying and fulfilling.

Another nice thing is that you can use it flaccid, and it should still be able to provide some pleasure. Orgasms really does not need an erection. This would help people with dysfunctions and disabilities to enjoy a healthy sex life as well. This is absolutely wonderful, and would make things easier for so many people. It does not help in cleaning up the mess though.

Here you can see a comparison between the Pulse II Solo on the left, and the original Pulse on the right. Pulse II is a bit larger, longer and more slender looking. Although the design is mainly left the same, the wings are a bit more evenly shaped. It is still slightly rough around some edges. The buttons are still lighted, but the red charging light is now much brighter and turns to an equally bright green once fully charged.


Charging is easy, and it comes with the same USB cable as the original. It is fully recharged after a few hours, and it will last you a few hours of playtime. That little flap covering the charging port is still fiddly. Be careful not to pull it as held in place by a silicone cord and it is tricky to get that back into place.

After use, cleaning is now dead simple thanks to Pulse II Solo being waterproof. You can rinse it with soap and water, and finish up with a spritz of toy cleaner. Keep it in the bag after its dried off, because it attracts dust like crazy.

Pulse II Solo Overall

It is still a truly great sex toy, and it does surpass the original in every aspect and looks much more refined. I love the higher contrast between the now even matter silicone and the glossy plastic, and that dark gray color suits it. I love the subtle improvements like the convex plus button and the concave minus button. It is comfortable to hold, easy to use and it produce intense and long-lasting orgasms that are impossible to hold back. The only negative is that it is loud. It doesn’t sound like an ordinary vibrator though, it reminds me of an electric model train.

Had it been made in silicone and aluminum, I’d go as far as to call this the iPhone of sex utilities. But for now, one of the best toys available will have to do. This is also one of the laziest sex toys ever, and I totally love it. Who would say no to effortless and (almost) hands free orgasms?

The price is the same as before at £69, €89 and $99, and if you add another £20/€30/$40 – you can get the Pulse II Duo which includes a standalone vibrator on the underside of the device. It comes with a remote (for the female vibrator part) and are capable of stimulating the wearers penis and a partners clitoris simultaneously.