Hot Octopuss Pulse 2 Duo Review

I’m arriving late to the party, with this review but life simply got in the way but then again, I have a tendency to be fashionably late, these days!

Previously I wrote the review for the original Hot Octopuss Pulse, which was impressive for it being unique as a ‘guybrator‘ but I did have my reservations. The Pulse’s vibration strength, seemed to numb down, Hot Octopuss Pulse 2 Duoonce it was placed on the penis and it wasn’t waterproof AND Hot Octopuss listened to their bloggers suggestions and views. This time around, the Pulse 2 Duo is 100% waterproof and vibrations seem stronger.

The Pulse 2 Duo is slightly bigger than the original Pulse guybrator and is a matte finish all over, where as the Pulse had a plastic shiny saddle to it. I do think that this matted look, makes the Pulse 2 more attractive in it’s visibility but the down side is that this sex toy picks up anything! Literally, the smallest speck of dust, will magnetically attract itself to the pulse and is a pain in the arse to remove.

With the Pulse 2 Duo, you get the Guybrator, a satin storage bag, a USB charging cord (no plug but can be plugged into your phone charger or laptop), 1 x remote control button and an operation/guarantee manual. The packaging box, gives you a quick run down of this sex toy, which does look impressive. I shouldn’t complain but I do think that the box, it’s self, could be a lot stronger as it feels flimsy but that’s just me being a picky sod.

The Pulse 2 Duo wasn’t designed to replicate a female’s or male’s ‘areas’ but was designed to allow the user to achieve the maximum pleasure that he was able too and their partner. The male using the gybrator can easily slip his penis into the lower entrance or lift the wings and place around his shaft.

This Pulse 2 has 5 pattern vibrations and 1 continuous vibration. This sex toy is rechargeable via a USB cord andHot Octopuss Pulse 2 Duo has 2 separate motors that work independently from each other. 1 motor sends vibrations to the oscillating plate, which is found inside the Duo’s inner sleeve but unlike the original Pulse, this Pulse’s oscillator moves in and out, which allows to place the right amount of pressure onto the man’s shaft.

To operate is pretty easy, let’s start with the male function first. Select the single button on the left side (this button also moves through the different vibrations) of the Duo and you can change the intensity of the vibrator by pressing the -/+ buttons that are found on the outer right side of the Duo. To activate the female function, you will need to use the remote button and make sure the Duo is switched on, press the button and it will active the first of 3 continuous vibrations.

The Hot Octopuss Pulse 2 Duo is made from 100% medically graded silicone, holds no latex or phthalates, in non-porous and (as mentioned before) is 100% waterproof. This means that the Pulse 2 is 100% body safe, although it isn’t designed to be used internally.

I personally felt that in use, the Pulse 2 has slightly stronger vibrations and is not as masked by wearing, as the original Pulse was/is. My partner tested the Duo 2 by himself and with me, he claims that the Pulse 2 Duo has a more textured feel to it, when placed on his dick. He prefers the Pulse 2’s oscillator plate, as it pulses in and out, where as the original pulse’s oscillator plate, stayed in one spot. For him, he prefers the Hot Octopuss Pulse 2 Duo for solo and couples play.

As for me, I’m still not overwhelmed by the Pulse 2, I think because I like my play and sex rough as fuck and you can only use the Pulse’s in 1 position (the instructions state 2, woman on-top and missionary) but we found it only Hot Octopuss Pulse 2 Duoreally took effect, during (me) being on top. It was just awkward, with a lot of stopping and starting, from my end, my partner was more than happy to wait but I was growing impatient and this is why I wanted to use the Pulse 2 on 6 different occasions. I needed to work out the kinks and see if it was a ‘one off’ issue or something I would run into, during every couple use. I did eventually experience a toe curling fun time, by the 6th run-through but it’s more hard work than I am wanting, from a sex toy.

We did notice that when the top motor (female) was on it’s highest vibration, it seems to knock off the male’s function, wasn’t a big issue but it could possibly give his concentration a knock?

This is not to say it’s not good because matter of fact, the Pulse is a revolutionary sex product for men. It really would work well with men who suffer with erection issues or sustaining and erection. I have given advice to my male blog readers that live with ED, to try either designs and they have had experiences, that they thought they wouldn’t experience before.

The Pulse 2 Duo is easy to clean, seeing as it’s 100% waterproof (make sure you have the charger button hole covered) you will be able to fully submerge and wash the Duo with hot soapy water. To dry, I would put a towel down in a dryer cupboard and let the Pulse drip dry. Why a drying cupboard? Well, less chance of bacteria growing on your sex toy.

This sex toy has an RRP of £88.00 GBP, which I think is a fair price for the type of product it is.

Did the Pulse 2 rock my world? Nope, it tingled all the right places but I just couldn’t get to grips with it, my partner has the opposite thought, that he loved it. But I do believe that the Pulse 2 Duo would be very effective with men living with ED or other similar dysfunctions.