Get Lucky Grrl Kit Review

I’ve always had a ‘travel kit’ that I slip in my bag, when I go out with a guy I’m dating or if I go away for the weekend. It would consist of a few condoms, baby wipes, small lube bottle, tissues and a few other things but it was a bulky little kit. So when I was browsing I came across the ‘Get Lucky Grrl Kit’, I just had to nab it!

The kit comes with 3 x sexnap sachets for intimate cleaning, 2 x sexy dice (one dice tells an action to perform, one dice tells a body part to perform it on), 3 x condoms 1 x 1/2 fl. oz pillow pack of H2O lube and lets not forget the plastic small make-up type kit bag.

The Get Lucky Grrl Kit comes from a US based company called Topco. Unfortunately this naughty kit is end of line and no longer available, although if you google ‘Get Lucky Grrl Kit’, you will find a couple of US and Australian online retailers who have a couple of kits.

The bag is small enough to keep in my hang bag or slip into a weekend bag. I can always keep it topped up but the best part, for me, are the 2 dice. These sexy dice are always fun for a bit of spice in the bedroom; roll one to pick a body part and roll the other to select the action that you will be performing.

The JimmyJane Pocket Pleasure kit comes with 2 x condoms, durex play soothing lube and 2 mints (mine and yours). This kit has a retail value of £8.00.

BUT then again, you can always make your own kit. Have a look at Loops Kama Sutra condoms, RRP £6.00 but I love the snazzy packaging. Or have a look at French Letter condoms, these are fair-trade, so a little bit higher at the £10.00 mark but I personally like the feel.

For £4.00, you can get 6 sachets of different lubes in a ‘Lube sample kit‘ from Ododi. I like this option, as you can slip a sachet in your bag and no one is none-the-wiser.

Then finish off your kit by adding non-scented wipes or hygiene wipes. These can be purchased from places such as Boots, superdrugs or even some supermarkets.

Get creative, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg for that sexy personal hygiene kit. I always think this are a fabulous idea, I never like getting caught out……………