EXS Air Thin Condoms Review

What’s the most common words to come out the mouth of a guy when you present him with a condom, just as you’re about to get your jiggy on?

“I can’t cum with them on“

“Hate the feel of them”


“I’ll pull out before I cum”

Yeah yeah guys, pull the other one!


For me, my health is the first thing that comes first and I am happy to say that I have never contracted an STI. I would like to think that this is down to my vigilant timing of wacking out a rubber, when the going gets hot.

But I have always been on the look out for a condom that was able to allow a man to feel pretty much everything and still have a safety factor. I searched high and low, until I came across the EXS Air Thin.

The EXS Air Thin condoms are the thinnest latex condom, currently in the world! They have a thickness of 0.045mm, EXS have specifically designed these condoms, so that they feel like you are not actually wearing one.

They are of average size 190-195mm and are approved with the CE and British Standards Institute (BSI) kite mark.

My husband say’s: I am not a major condom fan but safe sex is the only way I play. I was happy to help the missus with a male’s perspective on these rubber delights. I’ve never actually tried air type thing condoms, so this is my first time.

They are packed in their light blue foils, extremely tight and slip out with ease. When removing the condom from the pack, it looked to be rolled up tightly and you can instantly see the teat of the top, definitely no confusing which way is what.

Grabbing the nub and rolling the condom down, onto my penis, the condom sheath slipped on with ease.

In use, I actually forgot that I was using an Air Thin Condom, it felt natural and there was none of the numbing sensations that I had previously felt with other brands of condoms. I am an EXS condom convert!

My hubby seemed happy with this 12 pack of EXS Condoms, I was actually surprised at the feel of him inside me. Definitely a condom for those who want a natural feel!