Do’s and Don’ts When Buying a Sex Toy

When I first started looking to purchase sex toys, there really wasn’t any advice available and what was good, bad and ugly.

BUT with today being a time, where everything is bunged on the internet, this information is steadily available. Plus, there are many very informative sex toy review blogs that can help sway your purchasing decisions, along the way.

Purchasing a sex toy isn’t as simple as it looks, well actually it is but there are some Do’s and Don’ts that I feel every customer should know. So here is MY list.

  1. Avoid toxic sex products: By this, I mean non-body safe sex toys. Products made out of rubber (porous), porous toys, latex products, phthalate products. All these mentioned, contain chemicals in them that are bad for our bodies and shouldn’t be used in sex toys that are insert-able. In my personal opinion, these chemicals should all be eradicated from the sex toy market, full stop.
  2. No to Jelly: Jelly is a material, that I feel should disappear from the sex toy scene. It has a habit of ‘melting’ in storage, especially when placed next to other rubber type products. Just on that fact alone, you should avoid jelly sex toys.
  3. What is in a name: Just because a product has a big branded name, flashing in neon lights, doesn’t make it the best sex toy out there. I have come across some well known brands that failed on a major scale. Google the sex toy of your choice, trust the blogger reviews that you are reading. Plenty of companies won’t allow brutally honest and negative product reviews on their retail sites, it’s time to trust Google on this.
  4. Recharge or not to recharge: It might be a pain in the arse to constantly recharge a sex toy but why complain, when you have to recharge a phone? It’s cheaper than constantly buying batteries and let’s face it, rechargeable batteries seem to be weaker than the 1-use-types. So, if you need to determine which is better, go with rechargeable, especially if the price tag on the product is high end. Although, I will contradict myself with this point; I love my Rocks Off bullets, these aren’t rechargeable but they are the only battery products that I do like.
  5. You pay for what you get: You want a cheap toy, as you can but don’t want to part with a higher purchase? Then don’t complain with how naff that vibrator will be! There is a major difference between a £15.00 and a £80.00 sex toy and that is quality and longevity. But again, please do read up on reviews of your chosen products, as there are some at the higher end, which are more hype than action.
  6. Read the fine print: A good sex toy manufacturer would have stated on the packaging (somewhere), what the product is made from. If you can not find this information, then look to a blogger who is competent with their writings and has looked in-depth. If it turns out that they have had to contact the manufacturer directly, then (to me), this shows a lack of interest in the public health of a product. This will indicate a no-go.
  7. No to Cheap: Over the 2-3 years of my reviewing, I have come to the conclusion that more natural products are better, they last long and in general are a lot safer for your body and health. Lean towards products made from Body safe/medical silicone, borosilicate glass (it’s hard wearing and durable), metals and occasionally wood (if treated carefully). TPR products (general advice is to cover with a condom) can be OK but they generally are a cheaper version and are slightly less porous but still porous, not my cup-O-tea.
  8. Use a good store: You would preferably, want to purchase a sex toy from a company that has competent staff and customer service such as A place that you can contact with queries and be given honest and reliable answers and information. A company that is trustworthy, is a company to use over and over again. I personally have companies that I use and have done for years, with no issues BUT I have come across online retailers that just don’t really care. If a retailer is simply in it for the money and has no interest in looking after a company, steer clear of them. A decent company will have discreet postage/packaging, so your nosy neighbors can’t get a look into your private life. Look for the returns T&C’s and refund notices. Many companies use online wallets like Paypal, these days, I would use that option, rather than a debit card (even though cards have charge-back options), paypal protects your purchases. High-street stores, well this is pretty much the same but there isn’t a PC to hide behind. You want to be able to have a relaxed conversation with a retail assistant and what you are looking for. Although, many people do not have a photographic memory, they should be able to tell you anything and everything but if that one assistant gets stuck, another assistant should be able to help. After all, would you trust buying a car from someone, who has no clue about what they are selling?
  9. Research Research Research: Review information is out there, you just need to take the time to look. Social media sites, such as twitter, are full of sex toy reviewers in the know. Approach one of us,we don’t bite! If we have not reviewed an item you are looking to purchase, I am pretty sure we can point you in the right direction of a reviewer, that has.
  10. Lube is a sex product too: You tend to get a few options with lubricants, ranging from silicone based, water based and cream based. My advice, if you have ANY kind of reaction to a lube, then bin it! If a lubricant contains harsh chemicals, especially something like petrochemicals, don’t bother with it. Keep in mind that the vagina is a delicate area of the body and should be treated as such. Always read the label.

I think I’ve hit the major points, that I can think of. I am more than happy to help and advise anyone reading my post, of where to purchase from or suggestions of what would be suitable for your needs.

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