Do You Have A Foot Fetish?

foot fetish

Possibly the most popular of fetishes, the worshiping or sexual interest of feet or footwear is also known as podophilia. This fetish takes many forms, one foot-admirer may love a sweaty pair of feet in socks, the next a women wearing a stiletto heal and another a beautifully manicured foot so what makes this so appealing?

It’s the femininity of a women’s foot which attracts many men; the slender ankle, high arches, small toes and painted nails. It’s thought a massive 20 – 40% of men have a foot fetish so ladies make sure you have that pedicure before that first date as you never know what may turn him on.

Many BDSM relationships where the woman is the dominant finds the submissive worshiping her feet. This is symbolic of the sub being lowly as she towers above them whilst they kneel. She may place her foot or stiletto heel into his mouth or walk or stand on their body as they lie on the floor.

Both of these scenarios are common in BDSM whether they have a foot fetish or not but someone with this kind of fetish would be even more aroused.

Bondage Gear, BDSM and Foot Jobs

Who could write about foot fetishes without mentioning foot jobs!

You can give your man a foot job in a couple of ways; the first is using the arches of your feet to hold the penis, or, you can also use your toes to grip it. Using your soles provides you with a larger surface area to work with but many men like the feeling of the toes bumpy texture. To add to the fantastic stimulation use a little silicone lubricant to keep things nice and slick.

Position yourself behind him whilst sitting on the bed or floor, having wrapped your legs around his waist you can easily place your feet around his penis. The other option is just to sit in front of him and massage his penis with your feet, beginners will often use their hands to help with the motion and speed their feet move.

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