Can You Use Sex Toys During Pregnancy?

The question often arises about the safety of using sex toys during pregnancy. Using sex toys during pregnancy is safe unless you have any high risk pregnancy issues or you have had a history of miscarriages. If you have had pregnancy problems, your general practitioner or midwife will probably have advised you to not have sexual intercourse during your first trimester.


If your pregnancy is normal, there is no danger in enjoying sex toys. In fact, sexual pleasure is often increased during this time due to an increase in blood flow in the pelvic region and may lead to multiple orgasms. The increase and abundance of hormones may lead to more pleasure and new sexual desires. Just like your craving for food changes, so may your desire for sex.

The use of a sex toy can be used to enhance foreplay. If you have abstained from full penetration, sex toys can retain intimacy and you can still enjoy great sex without intercourse. Strong orgasms can still be achieved by using a clitoral vibrator. The size and shape of your body may make penetration uncomfortable, but you can achieve multiple orgasms right up to the end of pregnancy with sex toys.

Helpful Tips for Using Sex Toys During Pregnancy

Start slowly. Partners may be unsure about sex during pregnancy. Assure your partner that the baby is very well protected in the amniotic fluid. As long as sex is pleasurable and comfortable, you can both relax and enjoy yourselves.

When selecting a sex toy, find one that does not use phthalate. The product has been banned from children’s toys as it is especially toxic for developing children. There have been many health issues associated with phthalates including infertility and hormonal imbalances. If a sex toy does not advertise “Phthalate Free”, don’t buy it whether you are pregnant or not.

Another material that should be avoided when purchasing sex toys is rubber or latex. This material can absorb bacteria and can be difficult to get completely clean. In addition, rubber or latex can cause allergic reactions. A much better choice is silicone as it is much more hygienic. Silicone has a more skin-like texture and feels smooth rather than sticky. It also does not absorb bacteria like the latex products.

Remember, keep your adult toys clean and thoroughly wash them and store them in a dry, clean, place. Silicone, metal, or glass sex toys are best for avoiding problems from bacteria.

Always use a good quality, pH balanced lubricant with your sex toy. Organic lubricants can prevent thrush which occurs often during pregnancy.

If you are using your sex toy for anal sex, always wash it thoroughly before using it near your vagina. You can even place a condom on the sex toy and remove it after use. To prevent urinary tract infections, even if you are not pregnant, empty your bladder before and after sex. This prevents bacteria from entering the urethra. Urinary tract infections can lead to pre term labor. Drink lots of water to flush out bacteria.