Bubble Gum massage candle review

For me it’s not all about sex toys – I am always on the look out for candles and especially candles that I can incorporate into my wax play habits.

So, imagine how ecstatic I was, when a small company called Bubble Off, asked if I would review one of their hand-made massage candles.


Bubble Off is a small company run by two sisters, who are dedicated in sourcing local products to use in their vegan Bubble Off friendly products. They started off making cold press soaps as gifts for family and friends and eventually expanding their talents to making Fizz bombs, skin care products, massage candles and much more yummy goodness for the body. All their ingredients come from the UK and sourced naturally, home grown is what it’s about!

Bubble Off are based in Stockport and can be found in locally run markets and they are now expanding to their own premises! For me, I can’t wait to visit them and rummage through their dreamy shop of heavenly scents.

I am a major candle lover, an addict if you will. I have numerous candles, massage candles, wax melts and much much more, scattered around my home, pretty much every where you turn, there is some sort of candle staring at you.

Bubble Off kindly sent me their Bubble Gum massage candle. It doesn’t state on the tin or website, the size of the candle but it looks to be around 150gm/ml, which is a fair size. The candle comes in a lightweight silver screw lid tin.

The ingredients in this candle are: Soy wax, Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Avocado oil and fragrance oil.

To use, simply light the candle and allow it to burn. I gave the candle about a 30 minute burn time, until there was enough of the oil liquid to use, remember to blow out the wick before pouring the massage oil on the skin.

I really do like this scent, it reminds me of hubba bubba bubble gum, the blueberry flavored kind. Although the scent is strong when burning, the oil isn’t as sweet and when rubbed into the skin, leaves you with a fresh feeling and scent.

As I have eczema, I have to be careful what products I can use but I found that this Bubble Off Massage Candle only had a positive effect on my skin. It left my skin feeling revived, soft and silky but with no oily residue.

I also found that I could use this massage candle as a quick fix lip-balm, as well as a hand oil.

The RRP of this massage candle is £5.00 GBP, is this a fair price? Of course it is! You are paying for a hand made product, chemical free and an all round delicious delight for the senses, so yes, £5.00 is a good price in my books.

There are other fraBubble Off massage candle grances available; Sunny Daze, Vanilla Dream, Sweet Pea and Sea spa. And to make this experience even better, Bubble Off also make bath bombs in the same scents.

I was blessed to be given a Bubble Gum Fizz bomb, for my bath. Relaxing in a gorgeous smelling bath, this succulent delight filled my senses with memories of being a carefree teenager, whilst leaving my skin feeling moisturized. As this fizz bomb contains Cocoa butter, it coats your skin in a really thin layer of oil. Don’t worry, it is not over greasy or horrid but if you suffer with dry skin or simply need a nice body boost after the horrid winter weather, this is definitely a treat for you.

The Bubble Gum Fizz Bomb is about the size of a cricket ball, which can be broken up. I found that using half the bomb, was enough in the bath. This bath bomb contains Citric acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Cocoa butter, Fragrance oils and Silver glitter. You can purchase your own Bubble Gum Fizz Bomb for £2.20 GBP, which is an ideal price, especially if you are like me and like to stock up and products that you love!

With Valentines Day quickly approaching, I would highly recommend purchasing your partner an array of gorgeous sexy essentials from Bubble Off. Treat her (or him) to a luxurious evening. Run her a bath with one of the Fizz Bombs, light a couple of candles and hand her a glass of wine to relax in the bath with. When she comes out of the bath, you can have her very own masseuse ready and waiting with one of Bubble Off’s scented massage candles…..and well, after that, the night is yours.

I have also been asked to review the Bubble Off Wah Wahs, Yoof Juice (face cream), Our Mary Face and Body cream. You will see the review for these 3, in the near future.

Thank you to Bubble Off for sending me their products to test and review, I loved them!